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Set cycles=auto to cycles="X" where X is your chosen value.

Highly suggested:
autolock=true (can be toggled on/off with ctrl+f10)

fullresolution=desktop (makes it your desktop's current resolution)
windowresolution=something somewhat smaller than your desktop's current resolution.
aspect=true; will make the window 4:3 rather than 16:9 like most modern displays
scaler=normal2x; scales the resolution 2x for a clearer picture

Music options:
MT32 emulation makes the music and sound effects a lot more engaging, lively, and amazing. Here is how to get it working:
NOTE: MT32 emulation only works on KQ 1 SCI, 4-7.
Download MUNT:
Download Roland MT32 roms:

Extract the roms to any directory.
Run MUNT and go to options => ROM configuration. Change the directory to where you extracted the ROMs. Select MT32_CONTROL.ROM and MT32_PCM.ROM
In DOSBOX config search for "midiconfig=" and change it to "midiconfig=1"
Launch DOSBox and a notification should come up stating: "Connected Application: DOSBox.exe mt32emu-qt.exe"
Go to the game's directory and open up resource.cfg.
Change soundDrv=ADL.DRV to soundDrv=MT32.drv