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Count me in for donation reading and all that, which I presume is Hosting. And, I guess, chat moderation, since it seems like a thing that would go along with hosting.


Super Mario Sunshine as the finale is... not a choice I expected. At least it seems the ending of the final run won't be at 06:00 in the morning or whatever that was last year this time.

I would complain that my run is once again in the morning when I'm very much not a morning person, but it'll be fine. I want to watch that Bayonetta 2 run anyway, and at least it's only one this time...


Right, so, I'll be around in Skövde for all of the event, but as it is highly likely that I will be working karaoke at Skövde Feskmarknad (small anime con at Nyeport) until the 28th, my game should not be scheduled prior to the 29th.


Well, huh. This is... interesting timing. And since someone mentioned karaoke here earlier, I guess it can be... kind of side event-ish?

As it turns out, on June 26th to 28th, there's an anime con, Skövde Feskmarknad, going on. In Nyeport. It is quite likely that I will be there and working in the karaoke room. I didn't actually know the dates for it until today.

So if you're interested in seeing what a small Swedish anime con is like, and/or sing some karaoke, then it's right there. Costs 100 SEK for a weekend pass.

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Paid through bank transfer, I have Nordea myself so the money should already be on your account.


Divekick or bust


Shame about BCR, but ah well.

Also I said twice in the first cuts thread that the Amazing Princess Sarah estimate can be dropped to 40 minutes.


Got the recording working to the point where it at least wouldn't crash on me, and then my practice runs that were on PB pace all fell apart in the stupidest ways. Including one small map mistake leading to catastrophic time loss. At least I found some adjustments to improve the map route! So, yeah, I'm definitely ready with both my games, but there won't be any more videos posted.


Well, my hardware is failing me. By which I mean my capture device. Once again, the sound and picture started being odd partway through capturing a BCR 100% run, and indeed the capture software had crashed. Then I stopped the capture and resumed playing for another 40 minutes to finish the game with no issues. I literally only get problems when I'm capturing with it, simply playing with the audio and video going through it gives me zero issues whatsoever.

At this point I don't know WHAT part of the capturing process is fucking up and not letting me get video, and I don't feel like bashing my head against failing technology anymore.

The run kinda started falling apart because I was pissed off at technology but it was still a PB, so there was that. I did something right, and I'll keep improving before ESA, once school lets me off the hook - I've had little time to do practice runs.

So that's where I am.

I am, however, NOT lowering my Bionic Commando Rearmed 100% estimate. It stays one hour, despite the video I linked to being 41 minutes. But there's many reasons for that, most of them being PC vs. X360. PC version has significantly faster loading times, and there's a few other version differences that play into it. Also, the PC run is with saving, resetting and reloading to skip trucks, but I'll be doing RTA with no resets. It adds up! And I always want to include the marathon/idiot tax of 5-10 minutes, to cover all the things that never happened before. It's a big improvement over the old route I ran last year anyway, where I was praying to get sub-hour. Sub-hour is now easy. I have no time for the game up on the site because it requires video, which I'm certainly going to keep trying to get recorded.

Once I have the time to really hardcore practice I know that sub-50 is within my grasp, but that won't be a thing until I have no more classes for the semester.

But once I'm out, hoo boy, practice every day time. Almost.

And as stated on the previous page, Amazing Princess Sarah is quite ready to go already with a new 40 minute estimate, but there'll be more practice of that as well, obviously.



Okay so Amazing Princess Sarah estimate can be safely lowered to 40 minutes. Here's where I'd post a video of a full run if the goddamned capture software hadn't crashed while recording. Again.

Game also crashed once but I still PB'd, over a run where I didn't crash. So that part is no problem, really, as it doesn't cost much time, but I'll still do things to prevent the crash that I've had some success with.

I swear, someone doesn't want me to record this game. And it's ONLY this game that makes the capture module crash.

The Bionic Commando Rearmed 100% new route is secure, completely marathon-safe and I'm aiming to have a video and lowered estimate of it posted tomorrow.


Wasn't recording since I was doing crash experimenting, and what I did at least made me not crash. But an Amazing Princess Sarah run that somewhat fell apart in the third and fourth stages at least clocked in at 35:25-ish (stopped the timer late). Estimate can probably be lowered, but I'll get back to you with the exact new estimate after a few more uncrashed practice runs and actually recording.


Attempting to record full Amazing Princess Sarah run: Capture software crashes.

This game is cursed.


I'm a proponent of not splitting it like that for the 4-player layout. The game screens should all be adjacent to each other, not two on the right edge and two on the left. It makes it harder to try to follow the whole race, you can really only focus on two at a time. My opinion is that the game feeds should be on the left in one block, and the camera on the right.

Edit: Quick and shitty mockup

Other than that, looking pretty nice.


Well that's about what I expected wrt the games I submitted, except I figured BCR any% would get picked over 100%. I'm certainly not complaining, since 100% is the category I like the most! The estimate can probably come down a little, I haven't had the time yet to do a full game run with the new route. University does its best to keep me busy. I'll certainly get back to you on that when I have some runs recorded and submittted to the leaderboard.

RBO was probably the game I most wanted to get in, but the combination of obscure and 1½ hour run made me fairly certain it wouldn't make it. Doesn't mean I won't submit it every year, though.

I don't disagree with Figment being unfit for a marathon as such. The shortcut is a total cunt and not marathon-safe in the least, and it was honestly a backup game I tossed in instead of Ufouria when I found that I couldn't get any consistency with what's pretty much the most important trick in the current routes for both any% and 100% in time for submissions. That'll be for next year.

Mega Pony I somewhat expected would live past the first cuts and die in the second round, but if I said I didn't understand why it was cut, I would be lying.

First point of order for Amazing Princess Sarah will be to try things to make it not crash, what I think I'll try to do is exit and reload after hitting the save point after the huge SB in the final stage. I don't really understand why, but I'm pretty sure it's only crashed on me when I've done that SB, so reloading the game should hopefully help. I'll try to get a full game run onto the now actually existing leaderboard on the site as soon as possible. And Sarah is an XBLIG so the console'll need to be connected to the internet while playing, I'll be bringing my own X360 and wifi dongle for it at any rate.


I already mentioned it in the feedback thread, but I guess I'll just add to that latest post: when I was on my netbook, the log in button in the top bar wasn't even visible, it was off screen to the right. And that was in the latest version of Firefox on Windows. Seems related.


The width of the site gets wonky on smaller displays, especially the top bar. I'm on my netbook now (10'' screen, 1024x600 resolution) and couldn't even figure out where the log in button had disappeared to at first until I realized it was off screen to the right, and I could just barely find the leftmost edge of it to click. Now that I am logged in, I see my nick and then the Moderator icon, and that's where the screen ends.

While the whole site is too wide for this display, it's workable (albeit slightly annoying) since I get a horizontal scrollbar in the browser - but this doesn't scroll the static top bar! While it of course would be nice if the site width could be fluid to the point of fitting itself even on smaller displays such as this, it feels lke the top bar kind of desperately needs some kind of fix here.

Edit: Thinking about it, I'm assuming that the minimum width of the top bar is actually what defines the minimum width of the entire page.


So the video for my final submission ends in a crash in the later parts of the final stage. Oh well, it'll do as a demonstration since there wasn't a lot of game left and there's not much time left until deadline.

But five submissions are in, now to watch the game I want in the most get cut in the first round!


Man, something does not want me to get the video for my final submission recorded. First the capture software crashes, then the game crashes. I blame the fact that I watched a PJ run of a completely different game on Youtube earlier.


Exactly how mandatory is it to include a video with submission, and does the video actually have to be a run by myself? What at least one of my remaining submissions will be depends on what the answer to this is.


Inferno: Oh goddamnit I was sure I read through the whole post and didn't find it until you pointed it out.


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