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Okay, so I did some shuffling of the leaderboards, now setting X360 version separate. However, THIS HINGES ON XBOX ONE AND PC VERSIONS BEING IDENTICAL, with the same glitches working on both. If that isn't the case, please let me know as soon as possible and I'll re-structure again.


Alko: As of 4 hours ago there's now a Duo Princess board on this here webpage too. And you're already on it!


Looking forwards to Joka's 36 hour run.

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Will there be free parking available at the venue?

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I'm in UTC+1, and can essentially do a run on any of the days, any time between 12:00 and 02:00 (24 hour clock!), but preferably not starting any later than 23:00.


Game Name: Mega Pony
System: PC
Category: Rainbow Dash%
Gameplay Estimate: 30 minutes
Ending/Bonus Estimate: 3-4 minutes, but can be cut early.
Possible Donation Incentives: None
Sample run video:
Description: Again with the ponies! A Mega Man fangame with ponies that is much better than it has any right to be. Last year someone else actually started running this game, not the same category as me but some shortcuts can be done by any character. So it's been improved since the ESA bonus stream showing. Rainbow Dash is the most technical character to play and run the game as and in my opinion makes for the best viewing.

Game Name: Ragnarok Battle Offline
System: PC
Category: New Game F-Swordman any%
Gameplay Estimate: 1:30:00
Ending/Bonus Estimate: 2 minutes of credits. If I remember correctly, they can be sped up by holding a button, but I don't do that in my video. Can be cut early.
Possible Donation Incentives: Character name bid war. Name is visible on top of the screen throughout the entire run, 8 character limit.
Sample run video:
Description: A side-scrolling brawler based on the MMORPG Ragnarok Online. When starting an entirely new character, F-Swordman is really the only viable character for a speedrun due to the amount of invincibility frames one of their special attacks provide, which helpfully also is one of the strongest special attacks in the game. A speedrun primarily consist of figuring out how to beat all enemies as fast as possible, and there's a large amount of boss monsters in every stage.


So with the game getting released on PC and PSN, some concerns have been raised about those versions, at least the PC version, having longer loading times. For this reason, from now on, the primary timing method for Mighty Gunvolt/Gal Gunvolt will be ingame time.

Which means I need to replicate my time with Ekoro since I deleted that file so the playlog doesn't exist anymore.


Looks like I was the only moderator for a bit there and didn't pay attention. Anyway, PC, PS4 and PSVita have been added as platforms. zulice has been reinstated as a moderator too.


S: From what I gather, ESA and SGDQ are coordinating dates to make sure they don't collide and aren't too close to each other (SGDQ 2015 starts on July 26th). It was said during the final speech that ESA 2016 and SGDQ 2016 would likely switch, so that ESA is later and SGDQ is earlier. So you can expect ESA 2016 to be roughly a month later.

(on that note, I do hope ESA 2016 does not overlap with Närcon, like it did last year)


Most of my feedback is pretty much mixed feelings on things.

To start out, the mass housing. I didn't mind it in and of itself, but the distance was a clear negative. Mainly I felt that whenever I had a shower back there, the 20 minute walk in the Swedish summer sun had canceled it out entirely by the time I reached the house of culture. So I definitely felt filthier this time then I have in previous years, and I probably wasn't the only one "affected" by it. So probably a lot more sweat going around this time. I obviously understand that the organizers did what they could to get a good sleeping space, but it definitely needs to be closer next year.

Having both stream setups and all of the practice setups in the same room I'm not really sure about. It did make the thing seem livelier, especially when the camera was positioned so you could actually see that stuff went on behind the player, but there were so many sounds and many things would easily interfere with each other, especially the two streams. While having then next to each other means easier for tech coordination between them, I think that ultimately, both streams would benefit from being in separate rooms.

Speaking of rooms, I feel that we underutilized the space a lot this year. Freja was used for mostly Mafia, Balder and Robert Gustafsson Kulturiet for practically nothing. Balder had a few people sitting there at some points, and we used it for the Magic sealed tournament. Kulturiet also had the occasional people sitting there with something, people used the side room for fighting games and the kitchen seemed to have been used a lot, but those were still spaces where some of the practice setups, if not one of the streams, could have been moved to.

There definitely needs to be a better system in place for the hosting station to reach the runners when there's donations to read. The hosts sitting with their back to the runners at that angle made it difficult.

More is probably coming later, but these are the things I could think of right now.


Okay, so I'm planning on driving back to Gothenburg on Monday. I'll have one open spot in the car for anyone who wants a ride thataways. Haven't decided what time I'll leave, I'll take the day as it comes and go when I figure it's time pretty much, but not too late.

Edit: In fact, it will very likely be around 12.


Given that I won last year's mystery tournament, I can't very well not enter both of these, can I

I have my only game on the schedule on 05:25 Monday morning, so other than that, I should be fine.


When, more specifically, does it open tomorrow? Given that I'm at Nyeport right now, I'd like to know when I can start moving my stuff over there.

Also, is there a free parking one can use outside the school? I'm assuming there is since it's a school and it's summer, but if I can't park there, is there anywhere else?


Okay, so it's finally mostly cleared up for me, and I am highly likely going to drive there - BUT I am going to go there on the 25th, as I'm going to be working at a con the weekend just before ESA. If anyone, for some reason, wants to go to Skövde that day, I MIGHT have an extra spot. It's not the same car I've had in previous years, it's a smaller one I'm borrowing and will drive other people and stuff. No promises. Will have open spots when returning to Gothenburg, though.


I am in. I've been playing for a number of years and even if I'm pretty sporadically active these days I can give some help for people who need it. Even if I'm not always known for making the best card choices.

Edit: And to add to what was mentioned below, I will bring my 11 decks and people can play with them if you ask nicely. They're not standard-legal since RtR has rotated out, but they're pretty casual. They're probably decently balanced against each other, and except for one they're all two-coloured and might be good for relative beginners who have a good grasp of the basics and want to move on to more advanced mechanics I guess?

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Well, should be paid.


Not taking bank transfer even for Swedes, huh. Oh well.

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Being put on the yellow stream shouldn't really be something to be mad about. Hell, I half expected my game to end up on there, given its obscurity.

We knew there'd be two streams. We knew that the yellow stream was going to be not only speedrun content, and not be scheduled with things 24/7. With two streams, and wanting to do something different with one of them, one would always be considered a secondary stream.

By submitting a game to a marathon that you from the start know will have two streams that will work like that, you should be doing so accepting that it can end up on either stream if it ends up making it to the schedule. Remember that the alternative is to have your run not be in the marathon at all.

Also, different venue this year. Room will not be the same.

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I'll bring my decks, but I haven't built any new decks since last ESA, so they're still my RtR (and one Theros) decks. A few specific cards have been bought for them but I haven't spent a lof of money on them, and I mostly play casually. So there's that.


I have a lot of experience with Mafia/Werewolf and am fond of hosting games of it, so I'd totes be up for doing that.


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