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Ninja Smasher even further update: Okay yeah got the sub-40 run, actually. ~39:16 realtime, had a death and some dumb stuff went on with the splits (managed to hit the "go back one split" instead of the actual split button at the end) and I had to pause the timer and connect the charger partway through. Sub-38 is def doable, can probably go even lower, and I've managed to smooth out the movement even more in some places, including long rooms where I don't touch the ground once after attacking the first enemy. I love the movement in this game, it looks super fluid and impressive.

It should be mentioned that as it is currently, for both this and Mighty Gunvolt I need a 3DS with capture mod to be on site, preferably XL since I really don't like using the d-pad on the regular. If the owner of said 3DS doesn't have the games I'll pay for buying them on the eShop. EDIT: And, what the hell, for some inexplicable reason Ninja Smasher is actually no longer available on the eShop. This is... troubling. I'm going to have to figure this out somehow.

Edit: And the proper categories and systems were added to the leaderboard today, so I have updated my submission to use those.

Also edit: Okay, I got a 38:49. On a trash run, because I'm good at this game, apparently.

Okay, yeah, the final verdict is that I'm going to have to play the PC version. The good news is that that'll make the run even shorter since it can skip one additional dungeon. The bad news are just for me. I'll get back to you once I've figured everything out.


So, progress report, I guess.

Well, Mighty Gunvolt is still at the point where boss RNG is the only big thing that can improve times by any significant margin, so there's not much more I can do with that aside from making sure I'm still consistent on the stage executions and a bunch of practice runs have made sure that's no issue, found some (very minor, but still) improvements in that area even. Even the runs I consider absolutely horrid, mostly because a bunch of bosses decided to waste a ton of time, are within a minute of my PB.

Ninja Smasher is pretty solid as it is, I have some additional derusting to do but today I got a run that would have been a PB by at least a minute if I hadn't died on the final form of the final boss. This is the one I'll keep working on the most, there's a few parts of the game I believe I can polish further. I know that sub-40 is within my reach.

Outside of finding something new major in Ninja Smasher I can't see the estimates for either of the runs changing. No progress videos since both are on 3DS. Working on my graduation project for my master's degree also means not having an abundance of gaming time, so fulltime hardcore practice can't really commence until June.


That's about what I expected.

I will, at most, be at ESA until the 25th (which means that I will probably leave that day, so it would be most preferable to have my run/runs no later than the 24th), as I have other obligations the other half of the marathon.


So the implementation of the co-op leaderboards is kind of janky, but there was no really good way of doing it. Using variables as subcategories does not work at fucking all when there's more than one variable, so co-op runs just get two boards: 2-player and 3-player. Assuming anyone even wants to do co-op runs at all.

At the time of this writing, character variables for IL runs aren't implemented. I'll get on that eventually just to have it there, but the way it has to be done involves manually adding a lot of values. I'll do it for the relevant category the first time someone submits an IL run to it.


Whatever I was trying to do with 2- and 3-player categories did not work at fucking all, but 1-player mode should now support every goddamn thing you want to run. I'll re-rethink the co-op categories later.


I am doing things. Stuff will look weird for a little bit.


Okay so here's the deal

Both genders of all classes have been added as categories. Yes, including M and F-Novice.

Currently, only F-Swordman is visible on the page. That's because all empty categories will be marked as Misc, and therefore hidden. Once a category gets a run, it will no longer be considered a Misc category, and appear on the main page. Because it looked dumb otherwise.

Edit: Fuck it, there's two and three-player co-op and ILs now. tbh I have no idea how to treat ILs though since that can't be done with fresh character. I guess those are always going to be NG+ by design? Bonus scenarios only on ILs right now. Full game NG+ categories will not be a thing, I've decided, if you want to use your max leveled characters, whatever the max level is, just go wild on the IL board. Full game including bonus scenarios won't be a thing for the same reason, really. So I think I've covered pretty much all of the bases now.

Send me an e-mail if you desperately need my attention for something. User name at gmail dot com.


Oh god I missed the hell out of this thread. Sorry about that. I'll get right on it.

In fact, I'm gonna make Enasper a mod of this game too.

Edit: Categories exist now, see the other thread.


So I started running this game last year on 3DS, only reason I didn't make a page here was that I couldn't record any run. I'm mostly running with Chain Sickle, though.

So how about adding 3DS as platform, and the other three characters as categories as well?


For all the ESA runners and viewers, remember that in addition to Twitch and that newfangled Discord thing, we still have the most classic kind of chat channel running.

So pop on over to #esamarathon at to chat with the rest of us nerds (because only nerds use IRC, you see).

You can also use it throught Quakenet webchat:


Well, a little sad, but since all my games got cut and I haven't been able to secure any good transport (train would not be an option for me this time around, for reasons), plus the fact that it half-collides with another event in Linköping the same week that I have to be at, to save on money and hassle I'll not be attending ESA this year. Hopefully next year's ESA will not be the same week as Närcon (please make it not be the same week as Närcon), and hopefully I'll actually have a goddamn job at that time.

So here's to 2017.


I'm gonna retract my intended participation in the sealed tourney for now, for a variety or reasons.


So I kind of expected Mega Pony to get cut (tbh I didn't even expect it to get through the first round), but that Mighty Gunvolt also was saddens and surprises me and the only of my games that got cut I'd like to know the reason for. If it was for lack of having videos of my runs, not much I could have done about that as I don't have the game on any platform I actually can record...


If it happens when I'm still there (that is, if it is before the 28th), I'll certainly participate in playing sealed. Would be up for trying cube draft, too.


As previously mentioned, I'll be there before it opens on the 23rd and then I'll be leaving either in the evening on the 27th or in the morning on the 28th. So all two of my runs, if they make it to the final schedule, woul dhave to be before evening on the 27th.

I've been practicing but not streaming, and I'm confident in both runs, there's nothing that can go wrong that's too costly. Haven't gotten anything faster than my current top spots on the leaderboards here, though, so no PB updates since. And now that some personal stuff is almost completely out of the way, practice will be intensifying even more in the coming weeks.


So I'm a little surprised Mighty Gunvolt any% was cut in favour of making it All Levels from the start, I had otherwise figured doing All Levels could be a donation incentive. Also didn't actually count on Mega Pony making it through second round cuts, but I'm certainly not complaining! (also idk if you've bothered updating any estimates on that spreadsheet but as I said in the other topic the estimate for that can be cut to 32 minutes)


I haven't had a ton of time to play recently, but updates on my runs:

Mighty Gunvolt is safe, any% is basically at the point for me where the majority of any improvements would have to come from better boss RNG and on All Levels I'm safely sub-20, with a 17:45 IGT on the board (though need to practice the DLC levels a bit more, especially Highway is the worst goddamned level in the game). Still no videos from me since 3DS, but yeah. Estimates for this should stay where they are.

Duo Princess is also safe because there's not a lot of places to screw up and most of the improvements come from being lucky with the meteors in the boss rush, especially the dragon. PBd with Mint by 1 second on a practice run that was complete trash apart from hitting the big stage 3 shortcut on the second try and then noticed I had forgotten to hit Start Recording. Maya is even safer since her only option is taking it slower and safer. Both estimates can really be dropped because not even multiple deaths will cost more than a couple seconds each and there's only so much the RNG can do, so there's no risk whatsoever that it'll go to 20 minutes. Given that I'm just below 15 on my PBs, I'm shifting down both my Mint and Maya estimates to 0:17:00.

Mega Pony is where most of my practice will lie in the time between now and ESA, I want to get a sub-25 IGT before then. There's a lot of small places to screw up on but apart from one boss mentioned later none that costs a whole lot of time so it's definitely safe. I haven't posted any new video or time on the board on the site since I simply haven't gotten a better time than I already have yet - in my PB/WR I got a great pattern on the first boss in my route, who's basically a heap of RNG who has ended most of my run attempts and even when she doesn't can easily cost enough time that I can't make back in later stages. It's not something that can kill a marathon run, but definitely the most likely spot for a death. The rest of the game is consistent nearly every time and there's nothing else even nearly as RNG-y. Dropping the estimate for this to 0:32:00, 35 minutes was kind of overly cautious and probably just me liking estimates ending in 0 or 5.

There's nothing big left to be found in any of the games and it's just a matter of small optimizations now. Please note that the primary times on the boards here for Mighty Gunvolt and Mega Pony are the ingame timer, while my estimates are based on real time.


Haven't bought my ticket yet, but it's good to know there's no rush for getting a discounted ticket given my economic situation right now. As for shirts, I'll go ahead and express interest in 3XL becoming a thing.


So I see signups are a thing now - and I was just wondering, for how long are discounted tickets going to be available?

(also, since the largest T-shirt size is still too small for me, anyone want an extra shirt?)


Oh, hey, I screwed up by not noticing the "Please let us know in your submission comments if you will be unavailable on any dates." part of the OP so of course I didn't actually include that in any of my submission comments.

Sorry 'bout that, but I'll only be around for the first half of the marathon, so for all my submissions the case is that I'll be unavailable after the 27th. Edit: And will arrive on the 23rd before the marathon proper starts, so no problems in the other direction.


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