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Oh, yeah. I don't think I added rules since I kind of hastily set this board up when I myself wanted to submit it to a marathon.

I'll be adding some rules. Timing should start when you hit the button to make the how to play screen go away, so slightly before gaining control, and ends when Stage Clear pops up after killing the final boss. Boards for runs with more than one player will happen but using multiple variables gets fucky so it's probably just going to be 2p/3p/4p boards without character selection. I've wrestled with it for another board I moderate and nothing worked well.

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While the marathons do play their part, I would also believe that the prevalence of single-segment runs these days also has a lot to do with the rise of livestreaming in general. So many people like to stream while they record, and watching segmented attempts live isn't really as interesting.

And... I might be wrong about this, but I can't remember ever seeing a segmented run featured on any kind of leaderboard on this page. There's IL tables, but all the "main" leaderboard times I can remember seeing are purely single-segment runs. I haven't studied all the leaderboards, but even the 10-hour Final Fantasy leaderboards I just checked are 100% single-segment. A lot of people sadly do find SDA obsolete nowadays, and is very much considered the main site for speedrunning - and it's practically only showing you single-segment runs.

I absolutely understand where you're coming from and I do agree with your main point, but it's not -solely- the fault of the marathons. Streaming in general, and the by far and wide most popular leaderboard site really only concerning itself with single-segments, ILs and a variety of community-invented arbitrary categories (as if speedrunning categories aren't all arbitrary) definitely plays very big parts in the dominance of single-segment runs as well.


Got a double booked from the 20th to the 29th, so I need a roommate for that.

Edit: Spot filled!


I did send an e-mail trying to book a room but haven't heard back yet, though I'd gladly share a room with some nice people. Preferably quad, for economical reasons, but anything is actually fine. Just, given that I can have some problems falling asleep especially when I'm away, I want to mitigate that as much as possible by making sure I get one of the regular beds in whatever room I end up having rather than the pull-out couch or such.


Sorry for taking so long with this, but for time and money reasons, I personally will not extend my stay in Växjö any. I'm extremely reliant on the people who wanted the spots actually keeping them for that duration now because I can't afford paying for someone not showing up.

Edit: Also, got my train ticket - I will arrive in Växjö at 18:59 on the 19th, it was the best option that day. My train then leaves at 13:02 on the 25th. I really can't justify any extra days for a variety of reasons. The room is available until 12:00 on the 25th.

So the total price for that hotel room is going to be 1800:- per person and if I read this hotel booking confirmation correctly, payment is on arrival, so I'm going to need that money by the time I arrive at the hotel. The price does include breakfast buffet at the hotel, and the other facilities they have - pool, jacuzzi, sauna and gym. So there's that.

Tompa's going to stay in the room as well and will arrive before I do so he's said he'll be getting a room for his own prior to my arrival, so if any of the others in my room was going to arrive earlier as well, maybe talk to him about it.


So Jinny dropped from my room, so there's another free spot now. I still have not finalized my decision on when I'll actually get to Växjö, I'll say.


Can certainly do that. So if Jinny actually wants that spot then all the beds in my room are taken.

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Right then, I figure it's about the time when people need to confirm they'll have rooms at the hotel. And while we do have a channel for travel and accommodations on the Discord server, having a thread to keep track of room information seems like a good idea too.

So: If you need a room, or are looking for people to share a room with, here's the thread for you! Post here if you've got spare spots in a booked room, or are looking for a spot to sleep during the event. I'll try to keep this post updated with what's available.

And since I've booked a room, let's start listing.

=Kenny's room=
Quad room from 2018-02-19 (Monday) to 2018-02-25 (Sunday)
Occupants: KennyMan666, KalalMar, Wiredwicky, Tompa
Price: 1800:- per person
As the one having booked the room, my only demand is first pick of bed. As I've learned the quad rooms have bunk beds, my only actual requirement is that I get a bottom bunk. Calling final on these days.

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Boss Rush exists now. I legit don't know why it didn't exist earlier. Leaderboard has also been rejiggered so that character is now a subcategory of main categories to make it look a little more elegant. As with all leaderboards I manage, any character that doesn't have any runs at all will be hidden until they actually get a run.


And if anyone that's interested missed it at the time, the ESA run is now (well, as of a week ago) up on Youtube:

Was a mostly decent run.


In some kind of halfway chronological order mixed with the order I remember things in:

MLSTRM who I met at the train station in Gothenburg, though I shouldn't have listened to him when he suggested walking to teh venue.

City Gross for the breakfast of champions, consisting of three paninis and one Monster energy drink.

ZodaNOR, for making me play Hebereke/Ufouria again (no, I haven't started running it again yet).

Greenalink, for, well, stuff. For almost lending me his 3DS for my Mighty Gunvolt run before I decided I'd just do it on the PC version.

Pull, whose PS2 controller I borrowed for all my practice runs and live stream runs.

IrregularJinny, for Mighty Gunvolt commentary.

SuccinctAndPunchy, mostly for finally getting to actually meet him.

Herreteman, for all the stuff surrounding that ALBW run.

And last but not least Tompa, who drove me to the train station the day I left.

I probably forgot a whole bunch of people so I'll add them later. Maybe.


I know you kids these days are all about Discord and whatever, but let's not forget about the chat protocol of champions, the eternal IRC! And the ESA IRC channel is still kicking, so come give us a visit some time!

Server is Quakenet, channel is #ESAmarathon. If you've been hanging out in the GDQ IRC channel, you're already on the right server, so just come on by. Or use the Qnet webchat:

Happy chatting!


I am absolutely always up for CaH.


Betrayal at the House on the Hill is amazing for all the wrong reasons, especially if you have the version that has the Underground Lake on the top floor.


So, not about the things that are on the schedule, but about the schedule itself - on the main site, there's a schedule tab, but it only shows the schedule for stream #1. The schedule for stream #2 doesn't seem to be found anywhere on the site. That should probably be taken care of.

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I should bring my copy of Trygg-Torkel, basically a parody of role-playing games and tropes. It's really mostly a single player game, though we usually play it with a player, a narrator and a protocol keeper. I prefer narrating it than actually playing, so I am very up for that for anyone who wants to play. It's in Swedish, so I'd have to translate on the fly for any non-Swedish player, but I've translated some bits in advance.


I'll probably bring my deckboxes, but since I'll only be there for about half the event - leaving Wednesday morning - I likely won't be able to play in any tournament.


Bought my ticket now too.

Edit: Train ticket Gothenburg -> Växjö purchased as well, let's do this


Ninja Smasher! has pretty low system reqs so it should run well on any of those. Will need to set things up before my run since the character I'm going to run is an unlockable, but bringing my save files should work. If not I'll just have to do a regular playthrough at some point before my run to unlock it. And make sure the controls are what they should be.


Oh, and since the game has multiple characters and I'm not playing the default one, the Ninja Smasher! category should to properly reflect this be something along the lines of "All Items No KG - Chain Sickle" (which is the way it shows up on the site here), or "All Items No KG (Chain Sickle)" or somesuch.


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