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Thread: Need Interviewees for ESA Documentary

Started by: DanteLloydDanteLloyd

I could be in too if you need more people!


Forum: Bastion

Thread: Forge Stacking Discussion

Started by: SomeDudeSomeDude

Any%: I love to be able to see how fast a game can be beat from start to finish on a new save. True any% does that except for jaunting (which is outside game help, so it doesn't count). Having a no restrictions category seems like something every game should have to me.

Any% NMMS: I would argue that this category is good for the community to keep. Its an easy to run category that also isn't very long. I would drop the Any% part and make it either "No Main Menu" or "No Menu Storage" since it has to many restrictions to feel like an Any% category.

ASL: Keep it being playing through every level from start to finish in any way possible. If you want to level 10 by duping items, go for it, but all cores should be picked up from their own levels.

AW/DC/AIC: Since these have restrictions/goals they are mostly untouched by the new trick. The reason why i made/played DC with Haos was to play the Dreams and the Challenges, not to get to them in a "legit" way. DC should allow the new trick in my opinion. Same goes for AIC and maybe AW.

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Forum: Bastion

Thread: Menu Storage Discussion

Started by: VulajinVulajin

Any% should be any%. All game related bugs included (maybe no jaunt though?).

Depending on the number of WDs, either blend old any% with new any%, or split old any% into a new category. Just don't want any% to be boing from playing the same level to much (In my opinion, max 3 times) without the option of doing old any%. Don't kill old any% if new any% is boring.

I personally do like the HG cutscene skip a lot. Waiting when you know you could skip it would just make me furious. Therefor i would want to keep it in old any%.

I don't think we should try pushing a category to become a main category. If people want to play a certain category, they will.

I probably shouldn't have much of a say in ASL, but anything that would skip part of / all of a level feels like it counters the entire point of the category to me.


Forum: Bastion

Thread: Minor Rule Change Discussion

Started by: VulajinVulajin

Ban pre-run menu storage if not specific category rules say otherwise. Videos should only be necessary for top 10 placements, but changing something that isnt broken might be wrong.


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Thread: Team bowling is back.

Started by: curseddollscurseddolls

Sounds good to me! Sign me up!

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Thread: Swederunners - The original Idea?

Started by: [Deleted user]

Sounds really good. Will also make sure to watch this closely!