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Thread: Random question

Started by: MrOrcaDoodMrOrcaDood

New category? Stephen%? Any.1%?


Forum: Pokémon Emerald

Thread: All Gold Symbols Category?

Started by: Kazuichi_SodaKazuichi_Soda

Werster completed a All Gold speedrun Link:
So I think there should be a AGS category, because it's a 19 hour run, and you should be rewarded for sitting at a game in RNG: the Series for about a day.

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Thread: Opportunity to save time in Rico Harbor

Started by: Kazuichi_SodaKazuichi_Soda

This may not be a new exploit, or an exploit at all, but I have a hunch. When you shoot Glooper Blooper with FLUDD his eyes turn pink, the same way as if you pull his nose to the damage point, what if you shoot him with FLUDD, then immediately grab his nose, after you grab the nose his eyes won't become white until he's done being hit. I would test it out, but I don't have SMS.