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Thread: run rejected for invalid reason?

Started by: chryoyochryoyo

Problem solved, another mod reviewed the run and accepted it. Thanks for your concern!


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Thread: Hold my beer

Started by: Kay-LinKay-Lin

"If the mod rejected your run for that reason he should be removed as a moderator."


But i think my channel was down today because google wanted me to have my phone number for safety or something, so that would explain it. i just misunderstood the term "dead" for "empty", and it means "down" here, my bad


Forum: Introductions

Thread: Hold my beer

Started by: Kay-LinKay-Lin

So, a couple of nights ago, i was pretty drunk with a friend. (Like pretty much every night, i'm french after all).

We decided to play some mario kart online, and despite the fact that there were 4 character in the screen while only the two of us were playing, we pretty much destroyed everyone. Don't ask how...

Then, we played a bit of Sonic Mania. This game is awesome. I mean, making this blue fuckboy running through the stages just... feels really good.

So, we went to time attack mode, and, for shits and giggles, we actually tried to climb the ladder...
And i loved it!
Next morning (yeah, 3pm is morning, it was a rough night) , i tried my best to conquer the online leaderboard of green hill zone...
and ended up at the 117h place by the end of the day. (49th right now)

That's when it hitted me. If i'm able to beat some weeb in mk8 while being obliterated, maybe i'm not that bad at gaming. and Sonic Mania is basically "Speedrunning, the Video-Game". So here am i, trying a new way to play. We will see where it goes. Already tried to submit a run, but.... the mod rejected it cuz my channel is dead with only one video. Can't blame him though, i understand it can be suspicious. 😛

I think i will just train and focus Mania first, and maybe some other games later. I already have a few ideas of.... "exotic" runs, that i could do one of those days. 🙂

EDIT : i apologize for my english. Too busy surrending to learn new langages.