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Hello everyone.

I created this thread because I want to perform speedrun on Dr. Mario 64. There is no precision on the N64 emulator in the rules. If I record videos on emulator (Project 1.6), is it posibble to validate the speedrun?

Thank you in advance for your answers.


I don't even know what it's, I didn't understand this category!


Hello guys. Yes, I deleted my runs, it was useless to keep them since I saw that with the precision of the rules, it saves time to remove them. This is not a problem, if the regulation requires a complete video, then I respect the rules.


This is a possible project for me, well before knowing the speedrun! ūüôā

Even if the challenge concerns only the Hall of Fame, it's necessary to count, admitting that one uses each time different Pokémon at the end of the Citadelme for example: 151 divided by 6 possible in a team, that makes you the number of teams to build at least, it is very very long anyway.

I imagined starting the challenge to record my games this summer, but necessarily, I would do this on a very long term (I prepare a thesis and this game by great luck is part of the games I study, finally the players especially). Since I intend to play on emulator, I will import my Pokémon of Blue / Red / Yellow ROMs via the Project64 Transfer Pak.


Hello everyone.

I thought of a possible category for this game, even if it seems completely crazy and long.

To finish the game really 100%, it's necessary to finish the Cups, the Citadel and Mewtwo (all this in 2 rounds), but also complete the Hall of Fame by fighting the 151 different Pokémon, which is an inhuman challenge in once, not to mention the Pikachu Surf. But could this be possible in multi-segments with imported Pokémon?
If I was thinking of doing this challenge, it would be about emulator (Project64 1.6) with ROMS saves Game Boy games.

If you think the idea is unthinkable, you can say that, of course. I simply submit a proposal and will attempt to do so if the category comes into existence.

See you soon!


Hello, My name is Charles. I come from France. I speak French (obviously), English good, Spanish a little and Japanese more and more. At this moment, I live in Japan for my research studies.

I follow more and more speedruns for a few years now. The video game in general is one of my interests for my Master Thesis, I study players anthropologically et videos games in link with this players. More, I have been trying for some time to have "tranquil" speedruns because I'm not a very strong player ! But I try ! ūüôā I'm not looking to break records, it's clear. Let's say that I'm a "free" amateur who participates without pretension.

I'm particularly interested in the following universes (for myself and my studies) : Final Fantasy, Pokémon, Zelda, Football Manager, Mario, Super Smash Bros., old video games (FAMICOM, MegaDrive, PS1...) and specific japanese games now.

I just started submiting speedruns on Super Smash Bros. Melee. I don't do incredible times yet.

Happy to speak with you now !