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Thread: LBP3 Loading Screens Take Forever

Started by: KristoforandchazKristoforandchaz

That is probably the reason. The PS5 comes with an SSD, so you could use that if you want better loads.


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Thread: Overlord glitch in Co-op?

Started by: BrongoBrongo

yes it's banned


Forum: InnerSpace

Thread: 4 skips and a softlock i discovered

Started by: Vega_128Vega_128

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I found a way to skip some cutscenes (the sun fish in this example):
During the fadeout to the sun fish cutscene (the one where it talks to you) pause the game, quit to the main menu, and right after that press circle to resume the game. The cutscene should now start while the loading screen starts that loads the menu. Then just press X a few times to start the save file again.


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Thread: Discord

Started by: [Deleted user]


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Thread: Categories for the other MM dreams?

Started by: EmeraldAlyEmeraldAly

Yeah, I think I will add the built-in Dreams as ILs, not sure if the others agree though.
I will probably do it later today


Forum: InnerSpace

Thread: How to skip the intro

Started by: KaDiWaKaDiWa

Save file 1: Ancient
Save file 2: Modern
Save file 3: Demi

1. Start new game and exit to main menu when you reach the flight tutorial
2. Go to save data folder (for me this was C:\Users\(username)\AppData\LocalLow\PolyKnight Games\InnerSpace)
3. Zip/duplicate the folder of the save file you just used

Every time you reset, you just need to delete one of the save folders and replace it with your copy. After that, open the save file in InnerSpace (InnerSpace will say "Start new game" even though there is already save data for that save file)

You can also exit to the menu when the "Hello?" text pops up (which skips a load) but InnerSpace will then treat the save file as a save file that was already used and I don't know if that is allowed.


Forum: LittleBigPlanet 2

Thread: Extras Edition

Started by: UnknownSpeedrunsUnknownSpeedruns

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