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Thread: Livesplit IGT

Started by: CubbyCatCubbyCat

yep, that's allowed, though I had trouble getting it to display times the same way, mods will re-enter IGT times into their own spreadsheet as a part of validation.


Forum: Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!

Thread: Emulator Approval Request: Mesen/MesenRTA

Started by: SpaceColonizerSpaceColonizer

We are taking it under consideration with the moderator team.

I like the features of the MesenRTA fork, the vanilla versions of Mesen require a bit more upfront work (like being able to frame advance videos etc.) that may make it considerably harder on the very small active moderation team.


Forum: Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!

Thread: Mister FPGA

Started by: BradBrainsBradBrains

I agree with everyone's opinion that it should be allowed. It was discussed in the discord by some of the people in this thread. I believe the general consensus was that since none of the mods currently own any FPGA system and perhaps some level of lack of knowledge of these systems, combined that there were no active runners running the game on the system that it wasn't a high priority item to be reviewed. I do think it's something that needs to ultimately be included, because original hardware is going to continue to become more scarce, and MTPO specifically benefits from having lower latency systems, which is important in achieving some of the faster times in this game. All that said, there frankly, aren't many people running the game on anything other than original hardware, and the number of mods that are actively managing the game is also pretty small, so I can understand the hesitance to broaden additional scope of their efforts.

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