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Thread: Game to learn?!

Started by: SinsOfTheFatherSinsOfTheFather

3D platformer with wonky physics that let you go really fast and some crazy tricks not implemented in the full game run yet.

Lots of practice and you can beat my run maybe 😉


Forum: Red Ball

Thread: Zooming out


I like playing zoomed out completely so I can see things I normally wouldn't be able too, especially if the plunger jump is messed up in 9.

This is not against the rules on the leaderboards, although it does feel a little cheaty and I don't see any other runs playing like this.

Any clarification on if this is allowed or not?


Forum: LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy (Console)

Thread: Why does this game have console in the name?

Started by: CruzinkiCruzinki

Why is there no PC version? I definitely own this game on PC


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Thread: Discord server?

Started by: elizaeliza

Good luck with the runs, it's a very good speed game except for stage 18 which is random. You can DM me any questions or tips on how to do some stages.


Forum: Celestial Hacker Girl Jessica

Thread: Palm strats finally payed off


Stage 30 you can bounce straight from the palm to the cake, take the ramp as usual, get a lot of speed, bounce off the tip of the palm and if you hit it just right you can get to the cake. No video right now.

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Thread: New strat 34 "The Cakeslide"


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I finally managed to ride the wall if you go to the right on 34 straight to the cake. Just try to take the longest line holding w+a on the grey platforms, jump late but with as much forward momentum as you can then hold w+d so as to not lose height on the wall. Doing this it was possible to just barely get straight to the cake, saving probably around 15 seconds. No recording of this is available yet.


Forum: Celestial Hacker Girl Jessica

Thread: Glitches


Post all glitches you know here:

Holding two directions gives more speed similar to movement in DOOM and morrowind

Sometimes on stage 3 I will glitch through the walls if im going high speeds, this is in the corner when you land on the left side. Maybe wall clips are possible in other places too.

Any corner can be climbed up the wall by using two direcitonal keys into the wall, this is very slow though and haven't found any use.