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If it was made into a thing, I could see it being 10x and on Category Extensions. Multi-runs are usually cool when it's different games in a series, otherwise it gets tricky to choose how many runs long the category is. I don't like 25x for this game personally. As always, run what you want, but the category doesn't need a leaderboard, especially before you do one.


I agree, I don't know how this happened.


Nobody's stopping you from following up a cats run with a colors run, but that doesn't mean they need a combined category

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I will not be adding the category if it is incomplete, such as "all on" as any game can be added at any point given a run is done of the game. However, if you do end up doing a run of all of the games listed below in one run, I will add the category for you.

song for a bird
blocky xmas
cat in japan
what's inside the box?
christmas cat
where is cat?
sugar, sugar 3
sweet drmzzz
pixels for christmas
in drmzzz
a bonte christmas
me and the key 3
off to work we go
a block christmas
sugar, sugar 2
sugar, sugar, christmas
factory balls 4
14 locks
sugar, sugar
factory balls, christmas
me and the key 2
a bonte escape
factory balls 3
full moon
must pop words
me and the key
factory balls 2
factory balls
a bark in the dark
loose the moose
chicken grow
fields of logic
seen on screen
free the bird
the bonte room 2
the bonte room

Also, if you did end up doing this, your run would be removed once he releases another game. Considering his most recent game is from December of last year it could be at any time.

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That worked, thank you! I'm not sure why some of those games were marked as unofficial. Despite moderating the series, I don't have access to edit every game in the series so I didn't realize that was an issue. Appreciate the quick help


Feel free to make your own art though! I wouldn't mind if it's not the official font.


Hi, we recently added a multi-game page for @
I believe a full mod would need to tag the game for a multi-game type.

Separately, it seems "Me and the Key 3", "Factory Balls 2", and "Factory Balls 4" are not displaying on the series page despite the game's individual pages showing that they are part of the series. I don't know what's going on there, but it would be helpful if it was investigated. Thanks!


You can still run the game however you'd like! Even if there isn't representation of a certain category, you can put your own personal work in. If you're able to inspire others to run the game in the same fashion and there is an increase in runs of this type, it's not as unlikely for a leaderboard to be created for it anymore. Run the game, have fun, be passionate, and share your experiences with everybody!

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I think that this is what Len was saying when he said there's nothing stopping you from pausing and leaving the levels. The fact that the bosses are locked on a new game is the thing that prevents you from doing exactly that in Any%/106%. It's unnecessarily hard to verify runs of a category like this, and it's far too similar to Any% for reasons that aren't too great. 106% is a great category to see all of the game, but you could also consider something along the lines of All Gems up to the warp room 5 boss, ignoring relics and warp room 6. There are options, and you can run the game however you want. It's difficult to justify a board like this though, especially given the small interest in the playstyle.


Cool idea. What was your inspiration to decide on this? What is it about Any% that's off-putting to you?


You may be able to implement something with this -
Also unrelated but I don't want to revive old threads - It's probably worth adding the 100% full-game category despite it not being done yet if only to keep the boards consistent. The ILs already exist with 100% so it seems the rules have already been worked out.


I would only like to clarify that I have no authority to "kick you off the site" and that's not what I threatened either. I do however see users with a black/grey name that say "Banned" when my cursor is over them. The reasons for the ban are usually kept confidential, but there have been cases where I've seen that username constantly stirring up issues in forums. I don't know how you usually come across in other communities, but as I've seen in this game's forum so far, you are pretty rude and I am sorry to say that. I don't dislike you as a person or anything, but it may be best to just slow down sometimes.

Don't edit out loads from your videos if that's what you were about to do. If you upload a full unedited video of what the current rules ask for, you can always retime your runs later if loadless is the method that is decided on down the road.

2h10m and 8h were the wait times between submission and verification for both of his full-game speedruns. I was only pointing out that the one moderator this game has is active and he does know the game well enough. For a community this small, I'd take his word on it if he said he doesn't need help modding the page.


WeaponLord, you won't have an account on this site either if you keep this up. It's incredibly annoying seeing how often you make pointless demands for this game. Just chill out and play instead. Be thankful for the active moderator. Both runs that you submitted to Any% were verified quickly: 2h10m and 8h respectively. If your concern was about X2ndhandsarcasm's video being unavailable, your obsolete speedrun video is also unavailable. If a run has a video that is no longer available, chances are it was available and verified at some point in the past. f1 has been nothing but accommodating for you and the other runners over the past few weeks. Chill the hell out.


If the Discord is what you need, most leaderboards that have a Discord community have it linked on the side bar under the game stuff.


The goal for 117% runs is to knock him out in the first round anyway, so skipping to round 3 and avoiding for a minute wouldn't be faster. It could be a more consistent method to prevent it from taking 1:40+ though, so it may have a use depending on how long it takes between rounds. I did not know about this exploit but it wouldn't be the optimal method.

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The problem with banning certain maps and allowing the rest under the same board is that eventually you'll all just run on one map, the one that's fastest. Same goes for what character you play as.

My idea was this
Versus Mode - 9 lives only, hard difficulty only (this is to keep it as skill based as possible, despite it being the slower difficulty, but if we don't impose this now then eventually there'll be a subcategory anyway)
Venues - Subcategorized
Character select - Subcategorized (I would understand if it was preferred to be a variable too, you can always submit runs anyway and view them with the filters option)
CPU character - obsoleting variable

Splitting difficulty and number of lives is just nonsense when there's so many other more relevant things to split up, and I do think these are the best/most interesting options (instead of easy 1 life for example).


yea 🙁
Leaderboard modifications were being discussed a couple weeks back following the patch, but I'm not sure if a verdict has been reached regarding what will happen. SRT2 Any% was the coolest and most unique category imo so it sucks that, at best, it can't be as competitive.

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You can consider submitting here:
Every chart has 21-30 submissions, which is pretty good activity given there are 8 runners on the board. A lot of other mario party games use this site as well.


That pretty much sums it up. There are 2 reasons why this shouldn't be done.

1. It messes with statistics. There will be twice as many full-game runs on the /stats page for the game. It also changes how many runs each individual runner has, both displayed on their profile and within the user stats. Not only is this ugly, complicated, and tedious, but it also creates fake statistics about the game -

2. It's floating between the variables option and subcategories option by both having a leaderboard that combines them all and one that separates them all. Subcategories are used when the differences are drastic enough to warrant a split. GC vs PS2 vs XBOX, N64 vs Wii VC vs Emulator, different patch versions of certain games, remastered versions, difficulty modes, etc. Off the top of my head, I can think of 3 examples of games that use a subcategory for a character split. and and - In all cases, the character split is due to a difference in storyline. In CTR, it's the difference of a second or two per track. It's illogical to make it a subcategory and a crime to duplicate the entire board, for reasons stated above. If a subcategory is what you decide to do, we can't keep the All tab. By keeping both you are stating that there is a big enough difference to warrant a subcategory, but they are all comparable to each other anyway. That's an oxymoron. You can not have both.

Even if your poll, which does not accurately state all possible options (such as a subcategoried board without the All tab) ends in favor of 5 categories, and let's say for arguments sake that the voters understand all options, it is your duty as moderators (yes all 5 of you) to keep the board legitimate, clean, and sensible. Polls are used to gather feedback on a change, not to necessarily decide on a change.

For the record, I am personally okay with subcategories instead of a variable as long as the boards are not duplicated. I don't think the second per track is enough of a reason to choose that over a variable, but that's not my call. Maybe those few seconds are enough of a reason for people to want subcategories, and I wouldn't get in the way of that if the boards weren't duped. Thanks for reading.

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