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Smartalec has 2 runs of each category, but only 1 is linked to his account. They can be deleted. You can also assign his IL runs to his account by individually editing them and resubmitting them.

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Emulator is allowed. Running the PC version without a physical disc (just running .exe files to play the game) is PC emu.


Timing starts on the first frame of the still image and ends on the first frame of the green Scare lighting up (instead of red Standby).

Scarefloor: 21.48
Mailroom: 36.11
Main Street: 19.78
Sulley's Apartment: 21.69
Garbage Disposal: 16.71
Himalayas: 19.21
Door Vault: 16.85
Showdown: 16.48
Total: 2:48.31

Scarefloor: 14.03
Mailroom: 13.03
Main Street: 13.43
Sulley's Apartment: 14.37
Garbage Disposal: 11.30
Himalayas: 13.33
Door Vault: 11.60
Showdown: 11.03
Total: 1:41.13

Conclusion: PS3VC saves an additional 1:07.18 over PS2 during load screens. PS3VC will be accepted, and all runs will subtract the appropriate load times from the RTA of the run.


That's known.


Agreed, done.


Hatador doesn't seem to be inactive, even though his most recent runs are 10 months ago. He was last online 15 hours ago, but he has never been active in the forums for this game. Also no social links connected to his account, so there's no good way to contact him as far as I know.

I've not run the game, but I know the game and I know the site and they're such easy changes. If we don't get a response here I wouldn't mind poking around to find the right people to upkeep the game and I'd be willing to advise whoever that is on setting up the board.


Any% means "Beat the game" with no additional restrictions (aside from not using external tools such as game speedup, save states, turbo keys, cheat engines, etc. Basically anything you can do within the bounds of playing the game is fair game, you just have to beat it.

In this case, "beating the game" is all there is to it. There's nothing extra you can do in the run like collecting other items, secret endings, etc.

For other games that fit the case of 'any% = 100%', check out:


It's worth saying that I've 100%'d the original and am about 60% through the remaster. There are 8 added achievements, all for endless mode, which is separate from the speedran "Story Mode".It just looks a bit nicer too. I don't run the game or have anything to do with running the board, but the non-obsoleting variable to distinguish the game version makes perfect sense to me.

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Anything you can do within the run without modifying the game should be allowed. I'm not sure what wall jump you're talking about. If it'll save you time, use it.


ah my bad, sorry


You seem to already know about the category extensions page... Yes it's on there.


He meant NES. Don't jump on his case because of autocorrect.


Full-game Leaderboard
Level Leaderboard
Website / Wiki

Any links you see in Resources or Forums across the site are from before the Discord link was available as a main option there. I think it was added 8 or 9 months ago, but I could be wrong.

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Any version is allowed, but running on PC is the known superior option. IRL WRs btw FeelsGoodMan


Modifying game files shouldn't be allowed in any speedgame, and runs modifying the game in any way (including this one) wouldn't be accepted either.


I would make use of the level leaderboard for individual chapters, and leave the level leaderboard as the default view until an any% run is completed, then switch that over once it is. The speedrunning community is honestly getting so much more talented as a whole, and it's only a matter of time before somebody tackles this.

If you like that idea and would like help shifting things around, I'd be happy to point you in the right direction.

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NG+ terminology is already used for fireball+cheats, do you have an alternative name?


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