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Thread: Suggestions related to the categories

Started by: JukspaJukspa

Hi, I have a couple of suggestions related to the current categories.

1. "Any% Glitch" should be just called Any% as is the standard for the category where you just aim to beat the game as fast as possible
2. Change the ordering so Any% is the main category and not Any% Glitchless. As of right now it's the more popular category and in general I think a glitchless category in this game is sort of pointless since there's just one glitch.
3. Add timing rules(start on control gain, end on credits). These could be changed, the main thing is that everyone uses the same rules.
4. Not really sure what 100% would be in this game since there's no % counter? I would suggest removing the category altogether


Forum: The Site

Thread: Leaderboards moderation requests thread

Started by: GyooGyoo

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I don't see a reason to remove Lo1ts as a moderator as he actually is active. In theory it would be a good idea to add more moderators but the series in general lacks long term runners. Can confirm that Racingmonster is pretty hostile.

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Thread: Key bindings and suit shortcuts

Started by: JukspaJukspa

Suit shortcuts

This is an option you can enable from the settings. This makes it so that double tapping certain keys enables a certain suit mode, which are:
Sprint(Shift) - Speed mode
Jump(Space) - Strength mode + the jump you do is immediately in strength mode(higher).
Backwards(S) - Armor mode(this is particularly annoying when you want to spam WASD to not go in to free fall mode and accidentally activate armor mode)
Crouch(Ctrl) - Cloak mode

Key bindings are really just personal preference but I use the right mouse button(mouse2) for sprinting as using shift can be pretty annoying. If you have it bound to shift it's harder to time which makes circle jumping on flat ground more difficult and flying becomes more tiring as you have to hold down the key for long periods of time. I have secondary fire bound to Q.


Forum: Crysis

Thread: Video tutorials

Started by: JukspaJukspa

Posting these here so the main learning thread isn't completely covered in huge embedded youtube videos. I forgot to mention some stuff on Exodus/Reckoning and something on some other videos as well so check out the descriptions of the videos for the stuff I didn't say.

General movement tutorials

Circle jumping(flying):

Circle jumping on flat ground:

Level tutorials








Paradise Lost:




Full playlist of all tutorials:


Forum: Crysis

Thread: Tutorials and general game knowledge

Started by: JukspaJukspa

This post contains all of the information related to learning the game. If you have any questions you can either ask me on twitter by tweeting @Jukspa(faster) or just posting here.

The fastest versions are 1.1 and 1.0, as far as I know there's no notable differences for speedrunning but I've always used 1.1. You can get them by either getting a physical copy or by pirating. The steam version is slower as you cannot gain height while circle jumping.

Video tutorials

Segmented run of crysis in 42:10(without segmenting penalties):

SDA Page for Crysis(contains some information about tricks):

I learned the run using this as a basis but it's now outdated because of route improvements.

There's one currently useless trick that isn't on the SDA page or any of the tutorials, which is clipping with props. You can just throw stuff at your feet while being next to a wall which can cause you to clip through a wall, but as already stated it's not useful anywhere as of yet.


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Thread: Fix noir's real time

Started by: [Deleted user]

Not sure why the real time would matter since we go by game time anyway.

EDIT: Also I think at some point if you left the with loads field empty it just said that it was the same as the without loads time, so that's probably what happened there.


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Thread: Grammar mistake in all rules

Started by: [Deleted user]

Well there's a no at the start of that sentence so what it means is that all of those things are not allowed. I guess the way it's phrased is a bit weird though.