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Forum: Vampyr

Thread: Downpatching

Started by: DemonicRobotsDemonicRobots

Adapted from another game's downpatch. I did not fully test this (only started the download and cancelled it, too bad internet to test this right now) but it should work.

1) Download & Extract Depot Downloader:
2) Create a batch file in the newly created folder with the following contents:
@EchoEcho off
SET /P _username= Steam Username:
call dotnet .\DepotDownloader.dll -app 427290 -depot 427291 -manifest 4527682231259788032 -username "%_username%" -remember-password -dir ".\DOWNPATCH_FILES" -max-servers 50 -max-downloads 20
rmdir ".\DOWNPATCH_FILES\.DepotDownloader" /s /q

3) Enter your steam credentials and wait for "Press any key to continue..." to appear in the console
4) Copy the files from the created "DOWNPATCH_FILES" folder into your main Vampyr game folder.

If it throws out an error during the download or when launching the game, verify files on steam and try the whole thing again. If it still doesn't work, I'll see if I can create a proper downpatch.


Forum: Prey (2017)

Thread: Autosplitter/load remover won't work

Started by: artsnifartsnif

The load remover doesn't auto start the timer, you have to start it yourself during the loading screen. It also won't split for you.


Forum: Prey (2017)

Thread: Don't have Hypo Psi

Started by: LVCILVCI

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You need the any% save to get the hypo psi, downloadable in Resources.

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Forum: Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

Thread: Reset Perks

Started by: SinSin

- Create a profile on an empty slot, start the game and make a save at the start of wheelchair.
- Open your save folder : "%USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\MachineGames\Wolfenstein II The New Colossus\base\savegame.user\76561197960267366" (not sure if the numbers at the end are the same for everyone)
- Open the folder for the profile you just created ("SLOT0", "SLOT1" or "SLOT2")
- There should be a "PROFILE" folder in there, make it read-only (Right Click > Properties > Read-Only)

When you want to start a new run, make sure to switch to another profile, then switch back to your read-only one to properly reset perks.


Forum: Dishonored 2

Thread: Load Removal not working for me

Started by: HappyMuffinHappyMuffin

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First, go in the splits editor (Right Click > Edits Splits ...) and verify the Game name is set to "Dishonored 2". You should find on that same window this text "Load Removal is available. (By DrTChops)" with a "Deactivate" button next to it. If that button shows "Activate", click it.

Then, verify timing method (Right Click > Compare Against). "Personal Best" and "Game Time" should both be checked.

Checking all of this should fix both problems. If you already had everything correct, then I don't know, sorry.

EDIT : Chops was faster, rip 🙁


Forum: Dishonored 2

Thread: Just curious, why aren't there any speedruns on very hard difficulty?

Started by: dethstrmdethstrm

You don't need a leaderboard to speedrun a specific category. If there are multiple runs of a category, then mods will maybe add them to this page.

Creating a leaderboard for a category nobody runs is pointless.


Forum: ICEY

Thread: ICEY catagories

Started by: Sabatour100Sabatour100

Any%, All bosses% and maybe Hastur% would be good categories to start I think.

I did an any% run a few days ago BTW :


Forum: Diablo III: Reaper of Souls

Thread: any mod online ??

Started by: baalzebuvbaalzebuv

All the mods except LaV haven't been online for at least a month. If nobody verify your run in 2-3 weeks, you can apply to be a mod here :

@darthbuckethead : This game is taken seriously like almost every game, we had a Discord at some point. If you nobody verify your run, first check mods last connection time, and then ask on the forum. It's here for a purpose, it would be dumb to stop running a game just because you didn't ask on the forum 😛



Thread: Question about the future autosplitter

Started by: Judgy53Judgy53

Hey, I'm currently working on an autosplitter and I have a small question for you : Would you mind having to install a mod to have a better autosplitter ?

Let me explain a bit my situation. I'm not that great with Cheat Engine, but I'm pretty good at modding a game. Doing so will allow me to auto-start, auto-split and remove loading times.

Without modding, my poor skills will only allow me to auto-start, and maybe remove loading times but I'm not really sure. It would take me more time to do it as well.

What do you think of all that ? I personally prefer to have a mod, but it's up to you guys 🙂

PS : Having to mod the game means it would break for a few days when the game gets an update. I may bypass that but it would require extra work/time.


Forum: Portal Stories: Mel

Thread: Tutorial?

Started by: moose_hockeymoose_hockey

There is no tutorial AFAIK, and there won't probably be because there is no active runners.

That said, if you need help with something in particular, I'd be happy to explain it to you show you in video if needed 😉


Forum: Final Fantasy X

Thread: Segmented%

Started by: Judgy53Judgy53

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Didn't thought about loading times. The few segmented runs I saw removed loading times from the final run, that could be a way.

I'm a bit new to speedrunning this game, although I watched many streams of it. If you still have the route for the segmented run, I could start that run 🙂 .

If a few people are interested, I'll create a discord server to share strats/saves more easily.

EDIT : Just found your Segmented Runs youtube playlist Cereth, I guess I could start from that 😛
EDIT 2 : I think it is worth restarting because of the FMV skip that wasn't on the original game AFAIK.


Forum: Final Fantasy X

Thread: Segmented%

Started by: Judgy53Judgy53

Hey Guys, I didn't know where to put that, so I guessed this forum was a suitable place.

I know that a segmented run has been started a while ago but never finished AFAIK. With the PC version, it's much easier to share saves, so why not bringing that run to life now 😛.

Is there anyone interested in doing that run ? Does someone (Cereth ?) already has notes and tips for the "perfect" run ?


Forum: The Site

Thread: Report a site bug

Started by: ZephilesZephiles

Streams page bug/improvement : When you uncheck the "has PB in streamed game" box, "haspb=1" is removed from the url, but should be set to 0 IMO. That way, reloading the page would keep the setting.



Thread: Xbox One version discussion

Started by: starpowerovermestarpoweroverme

The game is made on Unity, so there won't probably be any differences between the platforms. Unless it runs on an old version, but that would be weird.


Forum: Enter the Gungeon

Thread: Any%?

Started by: SkuttieSkuttie

Oh, didn't know it skipped a floor, I died on the boss of the only glitched chest I got. So banning glitched chest might be needed 🙂


Forum: Enter the Gungeon

Thread: Any%?

Started by: SkuttieSkuttie

Shortcuts should be banned for sure. Shotcuts category wouldn't make any sense IMO.

Blessed runs can be as a subcategory I think.

Glitched chest however should be allowed I think, It's totally random and rare, pretty hard (for me at least :P), and can make you lose time. It's part of the gameplay, not something that allows you skip half of it (like shortcuts).


Forum: Enter the Gungeon

Thread: Any%?

Started by: SkuttieSkuttie

That glitch has been fixed on PC unfortunatly.

Also, should we add some rules about blessed runs / shortcuts ? They should be banned IMO.

And it seems that people doesn't really understand what IGT is (according to the comment they submitted with their run). Some clarification should be added I think, like "Submit the time shown after the credits in the recap screen"


Forum: Dark Souls III

Thread: NG only? what does that mean

Started by: MY_HEROMY_HERO

Usually, a category don't exist until someone make a run for it. Do a run, set some rules for it, and the community will probably create a NG+ category.


Forum: Enter the Gungeon

Thread: Any%?

Started by: SkuttieSkuttie

Using 2 different timing seems weird but okay. 4 and 6 characters should start on first movement frame I think. End on opening chest should be good.