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Thread: Request leaderboard moderation (Read the first post before posting!)

Started by: lewisandsparklewisandspark

I'd like to moderate the leaderboard for Doom (Playstation) as the current mod has not signed into src for over two months, allegedly stating they're a 'retired speedrunner' in their Twitter bio. I have a run pending for verification for nearly as long and there is no one else to verify.


Forum: Doom (Unity Ports)

Thread: In-game time for Episode/Full-game runs?

Started by: the_kovicthe_kovic

@the_kovicthe_kovic If a livesplit addon exists, it would be great to have an exact showing of the final time for runs. It'd make it easier to get down to the millisecond what the run finished at. It would not change any rules however.

@glowstick829glowstick829 Attempting to circumvent an entire leaderboards moderation will get you nowhere. You spammed the Discord with an unfavorable option to make Switch its own board to which no one else felt it should. If you'd like though, you may continue to do runs for the Switch and use the tools to show only Switch players which will then give an accurate showing of top players for that console.

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Forum: Twisted Metal 2

Thread: In-game Time

Started by: FadiopeelFadiopeel

It'd be an easy setup to do IGT if an auto-splitter was made for the PC port...the one no one plays. I feel like it'd be a lot of work to count all the times in game unless someone wouldn't mind counting the frames for verification. I do agree that some are at a disadvantage without a PS2, I'd vouch for separating runs from console and emu but still keep it RTA,

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Forum: Twisted Metal 2

Thread: Character Choice

Started by: EcdycisEcdycis

I feel Axel had the speed and big hitbox to really plow into the other contestants compared to anyone else. He has a usable special to null annoying specials from others to make the AI chill out while dealing out some damage.


Forum: Titenic

Thread: So I got the Super Chinese New Year 15-1 cart

Started by: Jrmhd91Jrmhd91

and I dont have the intro screen or storyline before the game starts. What time so I start my game to speedrun this mess? It begins right at the game with no intro or storyline


Forum: Doom 64

Thread: Are emulator runs accepted?

Started by: Jrmhd91Jrmhd91

I was thinking of using bizhawk or pj64 v1.6 since they were the most compatible and generally accepted across other speed games. Until the re-release comes out anyway.

Thanks for the confirmation Grav 😄


Forum: Doom 64

Thread: Are emulator runs accepted?

Started by: Jrmhd91Jrmhd91

If so, what is the preferred emulator to use?


Forum: Where's Waldo?

Thread: Practice Mode

Started by: BradyPatateyBradyPatatey

I'm sure a lot of us would like a Practice% category. 😁 a fun, entry-level miscellaneous category.