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Thread: Any % or Any % NG

Started by: TomDoesStuffTomDoesStuff

"Concerns about starting with maxed out gear"?
Isn't that the point of NG+ or did you have something else in mind?

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Forum: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Thread: Katie doesn't spawn back in the garage - No AJS

Started by: TheOceanManTheOceanMan

Like others have said, you need to teleport out of the car and get into the Cafe quickly, then wait a few seconds before skipping the date cutscene.

Here's an example of me doing it with Omega explaining it (timestamped):

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Forum: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Thread: A Big Rant on Any%.

Started by: Masak0vskeMasak0vske

I'd like to publicly apologise for showing my task manager and starting another dumb SA speedrunning thing.

It was only supposed to be so I didn't accidentally leave Cheat Engine open myself; it shouldn't be a rule, it's not an effective solution and previous runs with exactly the same possibility for cheating didn't have them.

I'll stop doing it so hopefully this doesn't continue. I fully expect "Josh is cheating :O" comments for the next month but it'll be worth it.

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Thread: Two versions of Any% (Just like on the GTA: VC leaderboards)

Started by: BooskopBooskop

Yes this makes perfect sense. So much so that it was already the main discussion since the glitch was discovered 😛

New category will get added soon.

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Forum: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

Thread: Why no Playstation TV runners?

Started by: LapolaLapola

It isn't inferior no, and it would probably be the best platform to play on because of bluetooth controllers yeah, I just don't own one 😃


Forum: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

Thread: Why no Playstation TV runners?

Started by: LapolaLapola

I used to run on a PSTV for those reasons, but it turned out it was actually slower, both in loading times and frame rate.


Forum: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

Thread: Differences between versions (PSP/PS2/Emu)

Started by: JoshimuzJoshimuz




This post will describe all KNOWN differences between various versions of the game, based on the perspective of the US/EU PSP version since most runs currently are designed/tested/done on this version, and the emulator version strives to achieve parity to it.

Positive changes are listed with +, negative - and neutral •


Japanese Release differences


• Vic takes 1/2-1/3 damage from almost all sources (Good dying less, bad for death warps)

- When an NPC dies it cancels your lock on, meaning you constantly have to re-aim in order to switch targets after someone dies.

- NPCs on the ground are untargetable, so if one gets knocked over you cannot aim at them

- Analogue sensitivity is increased, making small movements harder and reaching the maximum input faster

• Yes and No are swapped in menus

+ Pager is faster due to Japanese text

• The downtown Mac 9 Rampage was moved North of it's position on EU/NA

+ Weapons are correctly respawned in "Burning Bridges"


• Probably uses updated/different SCMs (If you don't know what this means don't worry about it)

Route (as of 18/01/2019)

• Assassins in "Soldier" do not damage you. Instead set the car on fire and get in it before it explodes to death warp.


Emulator differences

Note: Because Emulator is trying to be the same as Real Hardware, and Emulator is not an official release, anything proven only to work on Emulator and not Real Hardware is not allowed.


+ Load times are faster (unless your PC loads slower than a console from 2004)

+ Frame rate is locked to a stable 30 (again; unless PC bad)

+ More Stable after duping, meaning less Save n' Quits between dupes

- Need to reverse in the Hovercraft before you can accelerate, most notably in "White Lies" (Emulator bug?)


- Lots of stuff! (Allan please add details) however none of it is allowed since Emu is trying to be real PSP and Emu is not an official version

Route (as of 18/01/2019)

- Duping "The Colonel's Coke" has a higher chance of unusable Helicopter spawns. If not done (So "Kill Phil: Part 1" is done) you will not be in a good spot to setup om0 Rampage carry through for "Home's On The Range" so instead do "Unfriendly Competition" dupe after "Hostile Takeover" (like PSP runs pre-dating 2019).


PS2 differences

The PS2 version was released after the PSP version, and features some changes and additional content. Click me for a map of all PS2 exclusive content


- Load times are slower from disc (PS2/PS3)

- Load times are slower from HDD??? (PS3)

- Frame rate is worse (PS3 does a poor job of emulating PS2)

+ More Rampages, most notably the one on Prawn Island

+ More Vehicle spawns and purchase spots, most notably the PCJ in Vice Port and Skimmer south of Ocean Beach

• More Unique Stunt Jumps

+ Better Controls (Right Analogue Stick input, more shoulder buttons)

- Planes instantly explode when crashed (like in GTA:SA)

• The downtown Mac 9 Rampage was moved North of it's position on PSP


• Probably uses updated/different SCMs (If you don't know what this means don't worry about it)

+ Changing language while a Pager is on screen skips it

- Going Out of Bounds does not flip every vehicle

- Repeating "Hose the Hoes" om0 4 times crashes (requires Save n' Quit)

+ Garages don't fail to store vehicles

Route (as of 18/01/2019, only basic suggestions or required changes)

• Assassins in "Soldier" do not damage you. Instead set the car on fire and get in it before it explodes to death warp.

- Do "Waking Up The Neighbours" once while om1 as per pre OOB strats (PSP runs pre-dating 2019). This will include not setting up om0 rampage before and during "Fear the Repo", and instead doing it before and during "When Funday Comes".

- Save n' Quit during "Hose the Hoes" om0 passing

+ Consider using the Skimmer near Lance's House for travelling to missions on Prawn Island, eg: "Blitzkrieg" -> "The Mugshot Longshot" or "Say Cheese" -> "Kill Phil: Part 2". However I don't know of anyone timing these. Perhaps even a mission order change would be beneficial like "White Lies" -> Skimmer -> "Say Cheese" -> "Where It Hurts the Most" -> "Kill Phil: Part 2"

+ Use "Coach Tour" Submission and Prawn Island Rocket Launcher Rampage to duplicate "So Long Schlong" after "Domo Arigato Domestoboto"


PS2 Emulator differences

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Just use PSP Emulator please ❤️


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Thread: Updated rules discussion + some other stuff

Started by: KZ_FREWKZ_FREW

No brainer imo, change it (unless I'm overlooking an issue)

WR Rules
I feel really torn about this, but the bottom line is if it's already being done with non-fresh restart rules then it makes sense to also do it for accidental cheats. I would say that similarly to the non-fresh restart rule any accidental cheats must be noted in the comments of the submission (like how swimming times currently have to be noted)

All Missions
Don't really have an opinion on this one. I would hope that whatever happens it makes it so the category has a purpose and it isn't just another NMG.

EDIT: Forgot the no videos bit. I wouldn't remove them. They WERE verified by someone. None of the ones without videos are particularly high tier so the only issue I can think of with hiding cheating isn't really a problem. Not sure removing historical runs is necessary. It's also committing to checking every run forever for a working video.

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Forum: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

Thread: Game version

Started by: GhostSenpaiGhostSenpai

I don't believe there are any differences, all runs are on the EU version so far because all the runners are from the EU I guess.
The Japanese version IS different however.

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Forum: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Thread: My Runs + little rant.

Started by: ResetReset

For the record I left because:
1. I wanted to for a long time because it was too much work for too much hate, and others were encouraging me to
2. I didn't want to deal with the massive fallout from something I had no input on (I also was not at home, I was in the middle of a hosting shift when I was told)
3. I was completely undermined when ILs were deleted and the action is completely indefensible
4. I wasn't the best mod in the first place since I never followed through with long-term stuff or talked much with others (e.g. forum rules)
5. I probably verified what felt like 80% of all ILs and was pretty pissed MH was annoyed by them (I wasn't verifying at ESA, hindsight this was a mistake and I could be wrong about numbers)

I also didn't "make the decision to ban Anti" I just wrote the forum post lol

Anyway sorry to fan the flames I just thought I should put this here since I'm not sure I actually said why I left anywhere

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Forum: Grand Theft Auto

Thread: Ruling on Anti's cheating

Started by: GaëlGaël

Update: After further investigation it has been found that Anti's GTA III runs have most likely also been cheated in the same fashion as the GTA:VC runs.

Anti was once again contacted about these claims, however this time seems reluctant to admit or disprove them.
It should also be noted that in the original "confession" pastebin the date and list of runs given was already not complete as it began in 2018 but runs from as early as August 2017 were already found to be cheated in the same way, Anti later also admitted to have started cheating in the correct timeframe.
There was also a previous incident involving GTA:SA which can now most likely be explained as cheating, once again using the same method as GTA:VC.

Because of these factors the relevant GTA mods again have had a discussion and have decided on a new ruling:

- Because of the cheating across multiple games and shifting timeframes, every run has been removed as we can no longer be without any doubt over any runs authenticity, and no longer wish to list any of Anti's runs on the leaderboard.

- Anti will be permanently banned from the leaderboard on in any games of the Grand Theft Auto series.

Edit: Powdinet made a full write up of the situation here:

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Forum: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Thread: Los Santos

Started by: [Deleted user]


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Forum: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Thread: Would someone want to beat this challenge? (GTA SA) Involves only walking.

Started by: RageEditsRageEdits

This is the second time you've posted this video to this forum. Stop.

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Forum: ESA Summer 2018

Thread: Hearthstone: Fireside Gathering at ESA2018

Started by: JoshimuzJoshimuz

tl;dr Fireside Gathering Mon-Fri during event. Pauper tournament again whenever is best for everyone (probably Friday).

Hey all again! Third year running a Fireside gathering now. As simplicity seems the best approach for these things this year we're just doing a good ol' Pauper tournament (Basic and Common cards only). This lets all the casual HS players still have the cards, but still allows clever deck building and play shine, and it was a lot of fun last year (hopefully some good anti-aggro decks will be brought this time though :P)! The bracket should be here when it's finished. We'll probably try to do this on Friday (as most will probably be there then, and it's hopefully a quiet day for me) however this can obliviously be changed.

Unfortunately due to limitations on how long and how many Firesides you're allowed to create (max 5, 8 hours each) the Fireside gathering will only be available 23-27, 12:00-20:00, so if you want Nemsy make sure to log into Hearthstone with whatever Wi-fi is at the venue during those times. Blizzard haven't announced what Fireside Brawl will be available during that month, but this month's Brawl doesnt seem too great. If it does turn out to be a good one then maybe we can try to organise a time to play that too.

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Forum: Gone Home

Thread: New Update changes Any%?

Started by: GimiKGimiK

Yeah this is a good idea, I'll go ahead and add an "Any% Glitchless" category, since I don't want to have to keep moving categories when they patch stuff 😛


Forum: Gone Home

Thread: New Update changes Any%?

Started by: GimiKGimiK

It is possible to run on older steam versions, I forget exactly how but using steamdb you can find and download the old versions.


Forum: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Thread: Any% No dupes

Started by: TireanTirean

@tolly2hot So here's the solution, pin a thread in the SA forums linking to the category extensions
There kinda is, not directly a thread just for it but a general purpose thread. But I still agree there is potentially a discoverability problem (not anyone here's fault, just how SRC is)

Anyway this has gone on way too long. I went back and deleted most of the totally pointless shit, some of the semi-pointless shit I've left for conversation continuity.
It's seems best to me that an Any% No Major Glitches (NMG) be added. From what I've seen a significant majority (D E M O C R A C Y) of active runners and routers, as well as others, want to at least TRY to add it and see what happens.
And what @blacklev has been saying seems true to me. If Any% NMG isn't different enough right now, it will be in the future. Any% will only get more broken. @Powdinet provided some decent rules here and a few others expanded on it in a few others places but I'll write what I would add. Words r hard though so I'm probably not the best for writing these rules.

@Mhmd_FVC suggested Any% (No onmission Flag Manipulation), a few people said Any% Dupeless, but I and a few others have issues with those names (which I've posted before) and NMG is basically the same thing, but I honestly think NMG is better, and flexible+future proof, and used in other speedruns.

No unintended OM0 Flag Manipulation
No Mission Duplication (having more than one mission script active at the same time)

Edit: I should refresh before posting sorry. As for replacing ASM I personally don't feel strongly one way or the other. Not sure why it has to go but it's only purpose was as a "Dupeless" category.

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Forum: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Thread: Any% No dupes

Started by: TireanTirean

I said I can't KEEP defending it. As in this is going on too long. I said "he was joking" in the previous threads, it wasn't new information. lel brought it up again so I had to speak about it again.

Sure maybe he didn't want to add it or discuss it. Never did I until 4 days after the first post about it (now). Can you say discussing this fun? I don't want to do this but I am because it needs to be.

You keep wording stuff like how we don't want to add it/discuss it, but I've never posted against it. From my first post I said it could be a good idea and talked about doing it.

Not sure why were talking about MH about the LS% discussions? He wasn't a mod then, why couldn't he throw his opinion without reading anything else, isn't everyone else doing that? Your mixing MH from now with MH from 2(?) years ago?

EDIT: Personally I think all runs should just be moved over, but requiring the runners to resubmit old runs could work too, would shift the workload to the runners instead of the mods though


Forum: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Thread: Any% No dupes

Started by: TireanTirean

Nagenowa is right this is devolving a bit. The past few posts between Ben and Lel is just attacking each other in a flame war and not really discussing moderation or the new category anymore.

@Powdinet Seems to cover everything known about right now. We'd obviously have to add more if anything did.

@MToms127 we're not a government. The main difference is that we are not paid by the people. I'm not sure that comparison is really fair.