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Thread: Has anyone established a rule set for true 100%+ (or 110%)?

Started by: JoshMartini007JoshMartini007

Yeah, by my estimate over half the run would be you flying around. The good news is that you can tape your controls and take a break or nap, at least until CJ dies of hunger. Of course the most efficient thing to do while flying would be to fight hydras to raise your criminal ranking (and collect collectables that require a big detour), but that's such a slow way and for an almost four day run you'll need to sleep and this is obviously the best thing to do when you are away.

Here's an interesting strategy for girlfriends

Basically you can skip dropping off your girlfriend and having to wait a day to date them again. From the looks of it this works whenever you enter something that increases the mission counter. It's also a good way to skip dates you don't want to do (dancing, and driving for some girls) since it only decreases your relationship by 1%.

The downside is no coffee (though you should drop her off at home if her availability time is about to run out) though I can still see this being quicker for some, if not all the girls. Things would have to be timed. At worst we'd have a way to cancel dancing dates, which is good enough for me.

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Forum: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Thread: Has anyone established a rule set for true 100%+ (or 110%)?

Started by: JoshMartini007JoshMartini007

After some thought I've revised my proposal.

Here's a pastebin:

I've removed objectives that would be completed through the completion of other objectives.

Basically anything that the game acknowledges will be included. Riding a golf cart may sound arbitrary, but it's included in the stats menu. New things that are added are...

- Weapon Budget (>$0)
- Auto Repair and Painting Budget (>$0)
- Tattoo Budget (>$0)
- Hairdressing Budget (>$0)
- Prostitute Budget (>$0)
- Strip Club Budget (>$0)
- Car Modification Budget (>$0)

Crime Stats
- Collect a Police Bribe (At Least One)
- Times Busted (At Least Once)
- Pop Tires With Gunfire (At Least Once)
- Perform a Headshot (At Least Once)

Achievements Stats
- Ride a Golf Cart (>1 meter)
- Use a Treadmill (>1 meter)
- Use an Exercise Bike (>1 meter)
- Use a Bench Press (Heaviest weight)
- Use Dumbbells (Heaviest weight)
- Perform a Triple Insane Stunt (At Least Once)
- Get a Wheelie Bonus (At Least Once)
- Get a Stoppie Bonus (At Least Once)
- Get a 2 Wheels Bonus (At Least Once)
- Get 5 or more stars (At Least Once)
- Complete Dancing Minigame (3 Levels)
- Basketball Challenge (Play Once)

Other Stat Menu Objectives
- King of San Andreas Criminal Rating (1,000,000 Points)
- Ace Pilot Rank (>50 hours flying)
- Times Drowned (At Least Once)
- Number of Hospital Visits (At Least One)
- Number of Disastrous Dates (At Least One)
- Number of Times Scored With A Girl (At Least One)
- Number of Girls Dumped (At Least One)

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Forum: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Thread: Has anyone established a rule set for true 100%+ (or 110%)?

Started by: JoshMartini007JoshMartini007

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Yeah, no doubt this would go into the extensions page, I'm just posting here because this place seems more active.

I'm fine with "King of San Andreas" and "Ace Pilot" if it's consistent, is 50 hours really the final level, there's a big skip midway of that file. Things like triple insane stunt, basketball and dancing minigame is why I feel the rules should be set beforehand. Nothing worse than playing for so long and for the run to be invalid for something that could have been done in minutes.

The run minus Ace Pilot wouldn't take that long, around 30 hours based on a quick calculation.

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Forum: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Thread: Has anyone established a rule set for true 100%+ (or 110%)?

Started by: JoshMartini007JoshMartini007

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Here's a new list of things to do:
I was wondering if there has been any discussion or established ruleset for a true 100%+ (or 110%) run? I’m interested in planning to run such a run one day, but would like to know the rules. If not here are my ideas…

Overall I want something that is as least arbitrary as possible. Currently I have five rules in mind.

1) Complete all relevant final levels of missions defined in main.scm (DEFINE MISSION) or that increment the mission counter (increment_mission_attempts in main.scm) without using glitches which alter the onmission flag.

Here’s the define mission list (made by Gael), the only things added by the increment mission counter are Big Smoke's Cash and Loco Syndicate Drug Courier.

This includes most of the 100% objectives, but also includes video games (They Crawled from Uranus, Duality (Black and White), Go Go Space Money, Let’s Get Ready to Bumble and Inside Track Betting), Pool, Lowrider Bet and Dance (is this activated during the mission Cesar Vialpando?), Beefy Baron, Burglary, the two triathlons, Big Smoke's Cash and Loco Syndicate Drug Courier.

“Relevant final level” establishes an end goal for things that don’t necessarily have an end. For example you can continue Vigilante forever, but there is no point to continue past level 12. For this purpose getting the max money possible is not relevant because for things like Courier that would be impossible as you would need to finish delivering everything in 0 seconds.

Banning glitches which alter the onmission flag forces the player to do all missions (specifically the Quarry missions) while still giving the player to skip portions within a mission (like Mike Toreno)

Overall this means for things included in 100% you would also need to get all golds in driving/flying/boating/biking school, beat six levels of Blood Ring (6 min) and collect all the coronas in Kickstart. For the non-100% stuff you need to get the high-score for all videogames, successfully win in Inside Track Betting, Pool, Lowrider Bet and Dance and the two triathlons, complete a round of Beefy Baron, Big Smoke's Cash and Loco Syndicate Drug Courier and steal 10k in Burglary.

2) Collect all permanent collectables.
- 100 Tags
- 50 Snapshots
- 50 Horseshoes
- 50 Oysters
- 70 Unique Jumps
- All Clothing
- All Gang Territories

This encompasses the remaining objectives for 100%. Permanent is meant for things you can’t lose. All gang territories plays a bit loose with that since you can lose them, but once you collect them all you won’t. This is more to exclude things like finding all weapon spawns. It also excludes all haircuts and tattoos, but you can’t have all of them at the same time.

3) Collect all items from girlfriends (Millie’s rule)
- Unlock their cars
- Collect their outfits

Rule 2 satisfies 5/6 girlfriends since you need their outfits to get all clothing, but Millie doesn’t give you anything extra. Getting her up to 50% will unlock her car for you to use. While some may argue that you should get her to 100% regardless I argue that like in rule 1 the “relevant final level” for her is at 50% because anything more is superfluous

4) Max all skills which cannot be reduced.
- Weapon skills
- Car/Cycling/Biking/Flying skills
- Stamina
- Lung Capacity
- Gambling Skill

The “cannot be reduced” rule is more to avoid debates about fat (since less fat is better for CJ) and whether or not you need the maximum when you finish or at any point in the game. This also includes muscle, sex appeal and respect. No respect requirement is a shame, but unless you go out of your way to kill your homies you should at the very least be able to have a seven member gang after beating the game and collecting all the territories.

5) Achieve King of San Andreas criminal rating

Easily the most arbitrary rule and I have no issue of it being removed. It is also possible to lower your rating from dying or getting busted (plus cheats, but those aren’t allowed). It can be a good way to stop the timer eg. “Timing ends when all of the above is completed and the game is paused showing King of San Andreas criminal rating.”

Things not included.

- Ace Pilot Ranking
- Basketball Challenge
- Dancing Mini-game
- Single/Double/Triple Insane Stunts

All have spots in the stats screen, but don’t really apply to the above rules. Insane stunts seem arbitrary anyway. I’m not too keen on adding Ace pilot ranking anyway since from what I can tell you randomly get it between 20-30 hours of flying and I feel that range is too much (would anyone want to play something that the RNG can screw you for 10 hours?) plus I heard it’s a bit glitchy (people gain it too early, lose it after a while). If someone has more information on it maybe we can talk about including it.

It’s a shame basketball and dancing aren’t included, but outside of making a rule to include them specifically I don’t see any way for them to be included, without accidently including other arbitrary things. A line has to be drawn and they were on the wrong side.

- Max Money
- Collect special vehicles (bulletproof, special colours)
- Drive off all the cars off Mt. Chiliad
- Owe money to the mafia
- etc.

These are quite arbitrary and honestly we can continue to make a list of things to include forever. Max money may be a strategy to help getting “King of San Andreas” criminal rating though.

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Thread: POLL: New category for post KYFC warp any%

Started by: JolziJolzi

I don't think you can go back to the old route. Maybe an "any% glitchless" category would be the best option since I think it is arbitrary to allow some glitches and not others. The question becomes are people prepared to start fresh with a new category?