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Thread: Emulators

Started by: hatishatis

Emulator-specific rules:
-You must use either Project64 v1.6, OpenEmu (for Mac users) and Mupen64Plus (for Linux users). All other emulators and versions (such as Mupen64 and Project64 v1.7 & v2.0+) are banned.

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Thread: 31 star guide

Started by: BreeBree

ye i deleted the "guides". they were basically just routes, which can be found and are available elsewhere.

i might start a little project on my own to make proper guides (not just a list of the stars in order) and post them there. for now just please refrain from posting guides there yourself since ill just delete them again.

@Mruns05Mruns05 i dont think i have to ask permission to remove a guide someone posted on the game i mod?

for the topic of this thread.

heres xiahs 31 star run, do what he does in his order and ur good. glhf


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Thread: “All Blue Coins” Rule Clarification

Started by: Shadow64Shadow64

ye basically what Celediev said

enter stage -> get all blues -> get star
if you come back for another star you can get it without collecting the blues again

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Thread: Why is it required to use Project64 or OpenEmu when speedrunning?

Started by: AlexPivotAlexPivot

another thing is some emulators have a TAS plugin which can be used to cheat runs. emu's like mupen for example


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Thread: 1076th-1081th are obviusly fake

Started by: [Deleted user]

Yeah... but who really cares. its not like they are competing for WR.