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Just press F1 before every attempt or a reset button if you are playing on console.


You just need to send a photo with your time, like you did with dragster...


LUL. If this is a category, then TWR goes to StuckInAPlate, Darbian and Kosmic.

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Yes, but not always. It depends of how fast was your wall clip, as well as pipe entry and warp zone.

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No, it's something like a Boss Rush, when you have to beat all stages with a boss, in this case, it's a bowser.


Today I came up with the idea of All Castles category and did a casual run of it. What do you guys think of this idea for a new category?


Thats why I always waiting for a verification until doing the next attempts.


You don't need to press B in RTA at all to beat any% or even 1 warp category. It's just stupidly hard because of the last room in 8-4. Unfortunetly you need to press B once to beat warpless in RTA, because of one jump in 4-3.


How long have you been waiting for?


WR runs for main categories must be streamed live. WR runs for category extensions require a video proof but don't have to be streamed live.


4-2 is a good level for this category.

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@LoanSharkJoe I made a speedrun in the past opposite to this, where Mario can't face to the left a single time. Search for Mario can't face left on yt.


I beat the game one handed on keyboard. I just set A and B buttons near to the arrows. It's on my yt channel.


@Barnowl, if you like that kind of a marathon runs, then a 100% category would be a good idea.


If there is a STAGEO Warpless category, why not AISSON Warpless?

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I was once waiting a month and would wait longer but I spoke with Kosmic. And this poor guy waited for 7 months


They know you are a TASer. Kappa


Also, the white lines of pixels from the left side of the beetle have a different lenght.


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