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Thread: my youtube account was deleted will my rank on the leaderboard remain?

Started by: maneceel96maneceel96

At this point, verified times do remain after loss of video.

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Thread: Leaderboards moderation requests thread

Started by: GyooGyoo

Hey, the sole mod for the Watchmen series, and both games, has been inactive for over two years. I have submitted runs for both categories of Part 1 and I'll be running Part 2 in the near future. If it's not too much trouble, I'd like super on the series and both games.


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Thread: Incorrectly Timed Runs

Started by: JohnStephenEvilJohnStephenEvil

I would like to request that my Mile High Club Recruit run be timed accurately, along with Bepsi's run of the same category. All other runs on the board use the accurate timing formula.
Surviv0r's response of "Timer always begins from 3:00.00 as it starts counting down from it. Everyone begins movement at the same time (or should), so it does not matter whether we add a second or not," does not seem to make sense, and, naturally, he timed his own run accurately.

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Thread: I got spotted while flying over the enemies in the botanical gardens. What went wrong?

Started by: maneceel96maneceel96

Typically you need to Batarang the guy directly in front of you when you come through the door. Never have I seen someone glide out without knocking him down.

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