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Forum: Call of Duty

Thread: Is it possible to add to the complexity in the series?

Started by: 50452

I think the game should have all the levels for everyone to clear.


Forum: Destiny

Thread: raids?

Started by: sda009sda009

Play this game in a multiplayer mode to have this.


Forum: Super Mario 63

Thread: Good version for Mac?

Started by: ThatRaisinThoThatRaisinTho

Instead of Mac do you have another gaming platform to play, actually I think it runs perfectly on the PC?


Forum: Super Mario

Thread: Super Mario

Started by: DSpeeddyDSpeeddy

Well, I am so late to reply and new over here.
Mario is one of my favorite game to play, as I remember I used to play this game in a big system in my childhood.


Forum: StarCraft

Thread: Should I post N64 Runs Here?

Started by: GoodToastGoodToast

If PC is compatible to for the game then it is ok to go with, well, I am a PC gamer.


Forum: Destiny 2

Thread: Tool assisted/macros question.

Started by: Condorian_PlayerCondorian_Player

Same here I like this game because it follows a unique story which makes it's more playable.


Forum: FIFA

Thread: hey

Started by: HypnosharkHypnoshark

I am so late to get to know this but are you still playing this game?
Well, the latest series of FIFA that is FIFA 19 has been recently launched in the market. I had never tried this latest series.


Forum: Introductions

Thread: Heyo!

Started by: ShadowWolf9585ShadowWolf9585

You have a very good name.
It is the best way to get open with all is to introduce yourself. Well, I am Joann and I like to play a video game. apart from this I also like to do some artwork in my meantime.
Do you have your own youtube channel by the name?