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Thread: Problem with downpatched version

Started by: TaartinTaartin


This might be related to a problem that occurs sometimes when all keybinds cease to work.

1. Make sure the game is closed.
2. Open regedit (type in 'regedit' in the Run window, windows button + R, or just search for it in the Start menu in Windows).
4. Delete the key for 'Binding'.

That will reset all bindings back to the defaults and they should work again. If that is not the problem I would just suggest you reinstall the game and try the downpatching again.



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Thread: New categories and seperating old vs new patch

Started by: NjNJA_QKNjNJA_QK

Sorry for the late reply, been busy over the holidays and simply forgot.

Tohelot is pretty much on point with everything. We are always open to adding more categories if there is an interest, reason to why there's only two categories at the moment is that these are the only ones that has been ever ran. There have been people before that said they might run the game on current patch but never ended up doing it and we don't want to add a bunch of categories just to have them end up being empty. I have even routed and found quite a few skips for current patch to help any potential runner for it.

The reason why we don't have any New Game runs at the moment is because it really doesn't make much of a difference in the end since you can do pretty much everything without powerups, just slower. While I haven't routed it out you might end up picking up a few scrolls that are close to the NG+ route and grab one upgrade. So basically it's just a slightly worse NG+ run and so far no one has had an interest in it, hence no category for it.

The load remover/autosplitter is unfortunately only available for PC runs so timing for console runs would have to be done manually. As there hasn't been any console runner yet, the question whether or not to split up the LB hasn't been brought up.

I hope this answers some of your questions and if you or anyone else who wishes to discuss things regarding the game, feel free to contact me through discord as it is the fastest way to get in contact with me.



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Thread: Can you add Xbox One for platforms?

Started by: SerpentiniteVSerpentiniteV

Added! Thanks @AzamaAzama for the notification 🙂

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Thread: Airlock problem

Started by: wyzzrowyzzro

Hey, did you accidentally turn on vsync or change some other graphical settings perhaps? If I remember correctly the "stickyness" of the wall you jump against comes from running the game at higher FPS, so if the game would run at, lets say 60 FPS it would become hard/impossible to do this skip.


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Thread: Hey mods can we add co op all kills category for level leaderboard?

Started by: reirei


I'm sorry for the late reply but the forum post notification system apparently doesn't work at all for me. I think this is a good idea and about the game version I think you should decide so if you would prefer current patch I could add that in the ruleset. Added the category to IL categories anyways.



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Thread: Discord

Started by: LejiLeji

We don't really have an official discord, just a channel in a larger discord for people that likes to route smaller or obscure games:)
If you want to join it you can pm me on discord or if you just want some tips you can also just pm me on discord and I'll be answering whenever I can!


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Thread: Values of Rule 5

Started by: aCoolCanstaaCoolCansta


Here's a video showing you how to set up your game for speedrunning:
You can find more useful misc tutorials in the Guides section, this one is specifically useful for beginners:

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Thread: Need help

Started by: MasterGowMasterGow

Haven't seen the lead dev online in a while but if you want to attempt to downpatch yourself then here's a link to the 1.03b patch:!zUh2GDCZ!kkzmPIqaC1SMlneC4DPW0xK3CrjusYVzOjD_i0T3IbQ

It's for steam however but should only be the steam api that is the difference.


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Thread: Need help

Started by: MasterGowMasterGow

I've been planning doing a tutorial but haven't gotten around doing it yet but should have time fairly soon though.
As for downgrading on Origin I'm not sure if there's any option to do it but could speak to the developers if it's possible to add it there as well, the same way they did for steam. Otherwise I have the 1.03b files saved on my pc at home that I can check out once I get back from my vacation.

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Thread: Skipping Cutscenens

Started by: ProfessionalBotProfessionalBot

Here's a link to my settings.cfg file:!SAgR3S7T!Qct8q8kCfPWFvBbL0rnLo3ZD0eeEDXu12kxCEFiSsIc
Glad to hear you enjoy it^^


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Thread: Golden Cat Help

Started by: BartholomewBartholomew

It's a known glitch with this game and it happens because you spam use(F/Mousewheel) on the door going in to the golden cat area so when you return to Clavering Blvd the input from the door will be somehow stored and you'll get the decision to enter again. By just single tap the door instead you can avoid this. Notice: this is when entering golden cat, not leaving which some people misunderstands it to be.


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Thread: Information about how to skip some dialogues ?

Started by: RohmeinRohmein

(edited: )

Hi, is this what you mean?

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Thread: Routing

Started by: JodechoJodecho

Not that I am aware of no 🙂

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Thread: Guide/Tutorial ?

Started by: tcd11tcd11

Will try to finish it tonight if I get some time over 🙂


Forum: Lemma

Thread: Guide/Tutorial ?

Started by: tcd11tcd11

I was working on a movement/tricks tutorial series but never finished it but guess I should:)
As for a full run tutorial it isn't really necessary as long as you know about the mechanics it's just watching a run and do what we do. And if you need more help feel free to ask around, we got a very small discord with the people running the game where you can join and ask question/talk to us if you want as well.


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Thread: Can we create a New Game + option? And a glitchless one?

Started by: AdilB102AdilB102

Fact is you can do that Chapter 2 skip without the use of Escalators, you just would have to waste a bit more mana to do it so you would only end up losing a few seconds in the end.

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