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Once you've remapped the controls all you can really do is practice. I went one level at a time until I could do them all well.

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Slick, thanks.


I'm curious as to how you count it.


I'm fine with showing them by default but for a run to be seriously counted it'd have to be on a reliable emulator as srgtsilent suggested. Best thing we got for that right now would be dolphin, and I'd allow a top 3 run on dolphin if it was cycle accurate, but stuff like pcsx2 wouldn't do for such high rankings.


No one has wanted to run it before so we haven't made one, but it's there now.


I'll allow it


I'd say yes as long as it's a cycle accurate emulator, but other mods should give their input as well.


If that video is a recorded run, yes


As long as the run is recorded that's all you need. It doesn't have to be streamed live.


The timesplitters series used to be part of the elite, but they dropped it a while back, and you only needed screenshots to legitimize your times.
I made a demonstration video for each story level on easy, if that's what you were thinking about learning:
Also this guy has a bunch of different IL speedruns of all difficulties and a bunch of challenges and leagues. His videos were very helpful to me when I started out:
There's also a link to the timesplitters series speedrunning discord server on the ts2 board forums, join if you want to.


Just got a new pb in tsfp, 1:19:17
Also got a new pb in Eggomania a few days ago, 17:44. Regularly getting 18-19 minute runs.


Can we leave muh opression out of a speedrun marathon 1st cuts discussion thread please

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Some day I will do TSFP 100%

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Please leave the box in the upper corner free for attendee use

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Go ham brother


Yeah uh thanks for the help


I would assume personas are allowed, but someone else ought to verify.
Timer stops at NG+ save means that you stop the time when saving your file after having watched the end credits.
True ending just means beating Nyx.

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Did you get any shit from anyone important (Save the children etc) regarding what I did during my ts2 run, and what's your stance on such things in general for this coming event?


Timesplitters: Future Perfect and Carol Vorderman's Sudoku

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