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Running the game will make your comments more credible. Do a run before asking for changes to the leaderboard. There is currently one run on console. Why does it need its own leaderboard if there is one run?
There is a difference between asking for a free world record leaderboard and asking for a category because you actually like it. You can't like a category you literally have never ran.
As mentioned take part in the community and actually play the game. Then mods can add it but until someone actually does and proves them wrong it is staying this way.

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If you would like the benefits of Shadowplay then in OBS where you can configure output set your encoder to NVENC. This is exactly what shadowplay uses for the encoding and makes it so you are encoding the stream with the gpu. There is a dedicated chip on modern Nvidia GPU's that allow for this and basically uses all those extra cuda cores.
I recommend just setting this up cause then you have the customization of using OBS but the performance of using Shadowplay.

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One thing just to note is this seems to be based on the collision of the object and terrain. If it is possible to going up like this it will berry easily just happen. Time to start running into every sloped wall to see what works.


Just bought this game out of the blue and decided to look for things. In chapter 3 very early I found a way to out of bounds.

Sadly atm it doesn't look like it leads to much as if you get to the tunnel area there is no way to jump back in bounds.

Figured I would post this incase the current runners want to mess with it or any other people looking into it want to mess around. I will be trying to find much more and can post the rest of my findings.

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This is really a shame. I really just wanted a category I could show to my friends and family that would show off the real amount of skill I have and be very entertaining for them to watch.
Without glitchless I must resort to boring and easy gliches that will only lead to me getting mean comments and getting banned by bedestha for breaking thayre terms of service.
I reakky hope you would rethink this for us dedicated glitch less runnars who want to continue getting gooder at a category that is much more difficlt and will show everyone that we do not need to glatch to be good at speed runs.
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Keep in mind all of the people who work on the site do have other things like jobs. The site work is done during spare time.
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Timing starts on the first input. You can press new game and just sit your character there until you are ready as no time progression occurs within the game.
In the game files if you swap map 1 with a later map you can actually bypass the menu entirely and it will boot straight into the game. I can maybe make a guide on that since it will make attempts faster for you all.
Glitchless makes me
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I know the game isn't all that long but would anyone be interested in IL's being added to the leaderboard?
This could include the worlds not done in Any%
Just let me know if you are interested.
Timing would be similar to the Any% start where you press A and start timing.
Sorry I honestly don't know. I have never played this on any console. Everything is pretty much movement based though so it might still work (at least for Alien).

There is the Fan Skip in Refinery that is done by simply holding down sprint when going downwards and you skip the fan from killing you:

Most other stuff is done by just knowing where to jump at what time.
Until switch can be softmodded to run livesplit one.
Exactly he was stupid and had no influence on the games speedrun. Why should we listen to him or any random person? ( I wasn't actually banned this was a guy in youtube comments)

Keep in mind I do not have a run submitted either so I am not saying they have to listen to me.
However you can't expect the mods to want to listen to your opinion just because you have one.
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If every decision was based on something a random person said in a forum or comment section, then I would have also been VAC banned from Doom 2016 for beating the game in a non linear fashion.

Once again Alumni please view this gif:
Time to get started on a 3rd party usb-c capture card.
3DS all over again.

Start the bidding at $500 USD. Mail me your switch and I will mail it back with the capture card installed.
This isn't really related to skipping the actual rune but you do not need to use a bomb to get over there. You can do a shield surf onto the boulder and over:

(Timestamps don't seem to work on the embed so skip to 21s or so to see it)
Messed with it for a few hours and wasn't able to come up with anything. I tried asking a few people on that video and seems most have only had it happen on emu so most likely just the emulator being buggy.
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I was never able to find a program that could unpack the files sadly. All I was ever able to get was multiplayer console cheats and sound files.

Nothing that I know of that is engine based. Just it being a piece of shit

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