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Forum: Dora The Explorer

Thread: Dora Discord in sidebar

Started by: JamacanbacnJamacanbacn

I have added a Discord server to all the Dora games on
Feel free to join if you enjoy speedrunning any of the Dora The Explorer games or have started running a new one and need it added to the leaderboard. 🤠

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Forum: The Site

Thread: Who make Stadia appear as platform on

Started by: henyheny

Who make Stadia appear as platform on

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Forum: Doom Eternal

Thread: Could you add Stadia in this game?

Started by: BluelyBluely

Don't think it really warrants adding to all the leaderboard settings unless there are actual runs of it since currently not even consoles are split.
I guess they could add as a potential checkbox in case someone uses it for their submission to existing categories (not sure that lets you set a custom platform for the boards, though)


Forum: BioShock Infinite

Thread: Autosplitter?

Started by: majorbompermajorbomper

Go to edit splits and click activate

This removes loads only. You can join the discord and ask for the experimental autosplitter but it is very specific in how it works and can be buggy which is why its not the default - most people just split on load screens since the timer is paused


Forum: Doom Eternal

Thread: Potition for New Game Plus mode for speedrun category

Started by: diablo7diablo7

Stop making a new forum post every time they tell you no.

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Forum: Doom Eternal

Thread: Potential need for NG+ or no glitches categories

Started by: diablo7diablo7

Sounds like this has been figured out, when others start running it let them know to bring it up for discussion in Discord as that is the most effective way for everyone to discuss these matters in a civil manner. There have been other categories added before so this is pretty standard.
The mods have not ruled it out and there is no need to make a commotion about it every other week.

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Forum: Bear Party: Adventure

Thread: timing

Started by: komakoma

It runs on an hl2 process so Source Split should work fine.
If you want to test it you can set your game to half-life 2 on your splits and activate the Source Split plugin.
There is additionally a map whitelist so you could setup for each level properly otherwise it will just do it for every 1 map.
If it works fine its possible to get it whitelisted for this game in livesplit.

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Forum: BioShock Infinite

Thread: Version?

Started by: Pbandgames01Pbandgames01

We just use the steam version with columbias finest dlc typically for sugar rush and or fleet feet.
Other part is just installing HRH mod if you want to run any% with it for that no rng reset.
I recommend joining the discord in the left sidebar and you will get some quick responses there on anything else.


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Longest speedrun you've ever done?

Started by: AxxisAxxis

I did a blind run of Duke Nukem; Forever til completed.
It took 6 hours and 30 minutes.
For anyone who has ever played this game. It is longer than it sounds...

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Forum: Tron 2.0

Thread: Segmented

Started by: GooberGoober

The game lets you make hardsaves as well which will probably be better if you just open the menu and save.

You can take a look at the RTA run:

There is also a really old segmented playlist that someone made a long time ago but has some strats.

There are some differences such as in primary digitizing when you lose all your stuff there is a strat where you hit the upgrade roomba without opening the door but its basically only segmented viable.


Forum: Tron 2.0

Thread: Segmented

Started by: GooberGoober

The game does have quicksaving but I think its F8 and F9 by default.
Just for some clarification quicksave and quickload are allowed in RTA. Would only be segmented if you actually did it in different sittings or segments.
Although I am sure you just meant for the sake of making it easier to segment out.


Forum: Aliens Vs. Predator (2010)

Thread: Blowing up the Elite Predator

Started by: SnowfatsSnowfats

Cool concept although would find it hard to justify doing with the initial point mentioned of his jumping being kind of random. If you get a good fight it is usually one light attack followed by heavy attack stun lock to the end.
I admittedly need to spend some more time practicing the last fight as I have been relearning and working on some more consistency in the end game.

You would need to have this consistent and fast enough where it beats the heavy attack loop.


Forum: Aliens Vs. Predator (2010)

Thread: Got any small tips for a newbie?

Started by: DeliLizardDeliLizard

I guess something else would be just have comfy sensitivity. Being able to flick and jump to a surface and knowing the distance you can clear a jump to a vent is good to have an idea on.
Then you can pre aim for jumps.Like I mentioned though record does this all really well so might be good to try mimick that


Forum: Aliens Vs. Predator (2010)

Thread: Got any small tips for a newbie?

Started by: DeliLizardDeliLizard

A lot of it is getting use to the controls.
I would watch the world record and see what you are doing differently.
A lot of time loss comes from fight areas so getting stunlocks also helps.


Forum: We Happy Few

Thread: Game is released

Started by: JamacanbacnJamacanbacn

We Happy Few was in early access for a while but recently has gone through some overhaul.
As of August 9th the game is now OFFICIALLY RELEASED. This is what we will consider as the 1.0 for the speedrun. ( I guess more specifically 1.1 heheh)
While it has been great having people participate, due to the extreme changes to how the game is, the alpha speedruns will be archived under misc and new full release categories will be made.


Forum: Doom

Thread: Looking For Help (Youtube Documentary On Progression)

Started by: Bird_Goes_BeepBird_Goes_Beep

I would join the discord in the sidebar as it is much easier to chat there and the people who frequent this game pretty much talk there. The history of it would really start from day 1 of the game release. According to the stats page Bloodthunder did the first approved run for these leaderboards but I am sure people in the discord could give you a better break down.


Forum: We Happy Few

Thread: Checkpoint warp patched

Started by: JamacanbacnJamacanbacn

Yeah the context of this original post is not the same thing you are thinking of Potato.
The original mention of the name "Checkpoint Warping" was in regards to this:

I called it checkpoint warping because you could basically warp across the map based on the positions of the checkpoints.
Quitting out to abuse the checkpoints is its own thing really. It doesn't skip the walking though.


Forum: We Happy Few

Thread: We Happy Few Official Release

Started by: JamacanbacnJamacanbacn

We Happy Few officially releases on August 10th 2018.
Once this release hits it will be moved as the official version for the leaderboard since it will actually be released and not an alpha. The older runs will be archived.

Once the game is out categories can be figured out from there.
Of course will have any% for good/bad ending but 100% and other types of categories will be easier known once it is released.


Forum: BioShock

Thread: Softlock in Neptune's Bounty

Started by: TendersteelTendersteel

Without a clip of it, it is really hard for me to say as I can't say I have had that happen or ever seen it occur. If it happens every time you do the level could you record it from the start?