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Submissions are OPEN! You may now submit games for Licenseathon! Please make sure to adhere to the rules for what is a licensed game, and then submit away!


Just look at the menu on the side and click on "Discord"


I mean, we have a general Cars speedrunning Discord now, so you could join that:


I see. I guess that we could make subcategories for each difficulty.


What exactly is unclear about the All Master Level Events category? It seems like it's really clear to me. Do you feel like something should be added?


If they don't respond within a while, though, I might just make you an admin.


Alright, well... I would add you, but I want to see if Daniel_1RD and DreamSeeker32 will approve (I don't think BnH247 will be back, so I won't worry about his approval).

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Could you tell us a few of these ideas?


It seems that the Discord was deleted. Because I can't re-access the Discord either.

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I should probably elaborate on the types of acceptable runs (not games per se, but the types of runs of the game):

Races - 2-Way races are alright, but not more than two players please. This is to be simple and not overwork myself. I also want to make sure that the two players are about the same skill level or close to so that the race is more interesting. If one player is the world record holder and the other player is like twenty or thirty minutes behind (or longer even), then I don't think that it will be alright to have the race.

Bingo - Bingo runs and races are also alright. Races must follow the races rules up above.

Co-op - Co-op is okay, however specify this in the submissions please. (And also specify what kind of co-op, such as two players, two players one controller, local or netplay).


Yeah, no such leveling up exists on the PC/PS2/PSP version.

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Yeah, I don't know about that. I didn't play the Wii version.


Sure. I can get behind that. I will eventually have time to do my runs over again. Heck, I kind of wanted to anyway.

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We are now officially accepting people into the Licenseathon portion of my server on Discord! Just join my Discord and let me know you're there for Licenseathon, then I will give you the Licenseathon role (btw, yes, you do have to be in the Discord for you to be accepted; I will not accept runs from someone who has not joined the Discord. I do this mostly for myself). Here's the link:


To be honest, I would kind of like that. Load times tend to be long as well, so I could certainly agree with not having load times in the run.

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You can also feel free to ask me what I think would be fastest in terms of collecting things.

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Interesting, it seems like no one has answered this yet. Well, although I have no ability to run the PC version of UP right now (I used to have it, but sold it off a long time ago), I have played that version a lot, so I can give some info on the collectibles of the game.

So throughout the game, there are pictures that Carl has to pick up and butterflies that Russel has to pick up (and they HAVE to be picked up by the respective character as well). However, not all the pictures and butterflies will be available right from the get co in all levels. Sometimes you get an upgrade that allows you to progress throughout later levels, but you also have to go back to previous levels with those upgrades as well to get all the pictures and butterflies.

Next, there are also these bugs in all sorts of places around the level that pop up. You have to win the bug competition that pops up. If you're playing Solo, then the AI for the most part will automatically go toward things that have bugs in them, such as certain rocks, rotten logs, rotten fruits, or even just in holes that are around the levels (bugs come automatically out of those holes, after which the AI will start to collect the bugs, but the other objects require an input to break open and pop bugs out of). You have to win that competition in every level (if you're playing co-op, you literally just need to collect or squish one bug and then finish the level normally, since there is no AI that automatically goes toward those bugs, however the AI won't open anything that has bugs in it if you walk far enough past it).

Finally, there is actually a time limit for every level. For whatever reason, for 100 %, you also have to complete the level within a certain amount of time (that time isn't seen until the results screen after finishing the level). This time is called the "Best" time. Of course, for a speedrun, the first playthrough should be the fastest so that you don't have to worry about most of the collectibles (I would make an exception for the bug collecting, though, that should get done along with the time limit) since the photos and butterflies are the collectibles you won't be able to get all of until after you've got everything (and you basically have to complete the level again to get everything anyway, so it's not like you have a choice in coming back even if you do collect some of the pictures and butterflies on your first attempt of the level).

And that should be the gist of the collectibles for 100 %. I might have missed a detail or two, but you can keep asking me questions in the forum if you need to.

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@ChickenLover what we will do is we will restream your run to the marathon channel (in this case my own Twitch channel) and we will have a separate stream set-up here.

All you need to worry about is joining the Discord, saying you're interested in the marathon, submitting a game, and then if you get accepted, you will stream preferably just the game.

I'm glad that there are more people interested in this marathon!

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Gooby: I think I may have told you, but submission start on April 10th.

Mageius: This marathon is online. Also, according to the rules, this game is made by Nintendo and is on a Nintendo console, so it is first-party and as such, is not a licensed game. If you want, you can join the Discord and feel free to ask me more about the rules.


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