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Thread: I have a quick question

Started by: Akira80KVAkira80KV

Nope, it count as Switch


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Thread: [PT-BR] Nomes das Fases Individuais/Individual Levels em Português

Started by: JairGamer40JairGamer40

Fase 1:
Greenish Hill = Colinas Verdejantes
Not so "Greenish" Hill = Colinas Não Tão Verdejantes
Venomous Fortress = Fortaleza Peçonhenta
Queen Cobra = Rainha Serpente

Fase 2:
Django Forest = Floresta de Bosk
Kwagmiar Swamp = Selva de Panthanum
Primatown = Macacrópole
Gorilla Master = Mestre Gorila

Fase 3:
Konn Cave = Caverna Dummal
Full Grotto = Grande Piscina de Hammels
One Heat Wonder = Vulcão Khiladra
Lava Spider = Aranha Adormecida

Fase 4:
Lühnee Dunes = Deserto de Bhangur
Pyramid Skeeme = Pirâmide Thelekhs
Ottoh Tomb = Tumba Lah-Kathûmbah
Giant Scorpion = Escorpião Gigante

Fase 5:
Chaesim Waterfalls = Cachoeira de Selocco
Plizby Mine = As Minas Pyra
Hurry Canyon = Cânion Oeste
Tornado Eagle = Águia Tempestuosa

Fase 6:
Sneekh Peak: Monte Friaka
Crystal Cave = Caverna de Cristal
Blizzard Hill = A Grande Nevasca
Frozen Yeti = Yeti Congelado

Fase 7:
The Fearful Entrace Of The Nefarious Castle Of The Infamous Sorcerer = A Temível Entrada do Nefasto Castelo do Famigerado Feiticeiro
The Nefarious Castle Of The Infamous Sorcerer = O Nefasto Castelo do Famigerado Feiticeiro
The Infamous Sorcerer/Terrible Villain/Terrible Dragon = O Famigerado Feiticeiro/Terrível Vilão/Terrível Dragão

Fase 8:
Beyond the Space = Estratosfera
Millennium Two'dhee Enterprise = Millennium Bidi Enterprise
Alien vs Hero/Papa Two'dhee = Alien vs Herói/Papa Bidi

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Thread: Platform Requests / Tagging games to be part of a series / Adjusting game type or game title

Started by: DangerlessDangerless

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Hello! I would like to change the name of the game "A Lenda do Herói" to "Songs for a Hero - A Lenda do Herói", because the game recently got its international version release, so only the portuguese name is not that adequate now.
Here's the game page on Steam if needed:


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Thread: invalid WR?

Started by: funkhouzrfunkhouzr

it's the Mega Everdrive (A Flashcart for Sega Genesis/Mega Drive) menu, not a emulator menu.

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Thread: Question

Started by: defqon_Jandefqon_Jan

Yes, this is played on SNES. The castles 5 and 7 are the only ones to have dragon coins in the SNES version.

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