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Forum: Super Mario 64 DS

Thread: hacked?

Started by: NanoGaming64NanoGaming64

Yeah it's gonna look like this for a bit but I'm assuming the site mods will revert the site to an older state soon. The hackers basically break into a mods account and then change a ton of pages so they can get recognition on their platforms.


Forum: DK: Jungle Climber

Thread: I'm interested in running this game!

Started by: ImaproshamanImaproshaman

Hi I've just been observing this game for a bit so I don't know too much, but there should probably be a subcategory for emu. Also Idk why but someone else called Alessio had a pretty good WR with this run but I can't find their account anymore, and stuff like their twitter accounts are restricted... not sure what happened to them but I remember that run being legit and very good, so you could also use it to learn. It also looks like the moderator hasn't been online in a while, so if they continue to be inactive could contact mods. Good luck if you decide to learn this game?


Forum: Super Mario 64 DS

Thread: 100% ?

Started by: b_yoshib_yoshi

Been suggested before, seems pretty boring just being 150 +20 minutes of rabbit chasing which is why it hasn't been done.

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Forum: Super Mario 3D Land

Thread: capture card

Started by: NeosArchitectNeosArchitect

A capture card isn’t required for verification as even some previous any% records use webcam, so don’t worry about the best quality. The video requirement is also at about 1:02 for Any%.

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Forum: Yoshi's New Island

Thread: IL Category?

Started by: bluerapids12bluerapids12

Could be nice sometime but not many people have shown interest and the community is small


Forum: New Super Mario Bros.

Thread: Potential rule change: video requirements

Started by: MyLittleWalrusMyLittleWalrus

Just filter the ones without video if you think that's a better ranking, allowing people people to have some runs on without video is better to grow.

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Forum: New Super Mario Bros.

Thread: Potential rule change: video requirements

Started by: MyLittleWalrusMyLittleWalrus

I'm more for allowing some runs without video for the growing aspect, and you can always filter the leaderboard to just show runs with video if you want for yourself and consider it the competitive runs.

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Forum: New Super Mario Bros. 2


Started by: GwafeyGwafey

You can get a low 473 at best by luring the boo away, which is as fast or slightly faster than switching items twice