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Thread: GTA Marathon 2016

Started by: JOEdrinksBEERJOEdrinksBEER

Is this happening? There has been a lot of disinterest lately in making a marathon for the coming months.

What do we need to make this happen? I am happy to help make sure this lives on.

Please provide feedback of concerns, questions, or whatever you feel.

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Thread: Vehicle Spawns

Started by: JOEdrinksBEERJOEdrinksBEER

Thanks Nick. Most of this I just assumed to be true without actually knowing.

Because of these basic factors I have determined that it is seemingly worthwhile during missions like Van Heist, to drive the Securicar along the route which you have highlighted in blue.

Of course this costs a little more additional time to get to the docks but I have had success getting other rare cars this way. This may also lead to me altering some driving routes, like the Pick-Up which I usually take the road in front of the hospital but it may be worth the extra seconds to make the left after the subway while heading west towards Chinatown.

Of course, the fastest way will always be to hope for these vehicle spawns without having to search for them, but nothing is more frustrating to me than leaving Portland without these cars already taken care of.


Forum: Grand Theft Auto III

Thread: Vehicle Spawns

Started by: JOEdrinksBEERJOEdrinksBEER

Recently did a 100% playthrough on console and found that one of the most frustrating differences was the low rate at which the “rare” Portland Import/Export vehicles spawned even in areas such as Fort Staunton, Rockford, and the surrounding roads by the stadium where Buses, Flatbeds, Trashmasters, and Securicars are usually plaguing the street.
During the 20 minutes it took me to finally find a Bus, I started to wonder and question my own superstitions and tricks that I use in 100% runs to get Portland spawns for these vehicles.
Basically, I am asking what concrete knowledge do we actually have about how the game dictates which vehicles will spawn.


I want to say that this is almost proven. This logic exists for gang cars and there isn’t a reason for it to not apply to all vehicles. For instance, a Flatbed is more likely to spawn in Chinatown vs. Saint Marks. Same goes for Shoreside I/E favoring Cedar Grove vs Pike Creek vehicles.

Time of Day?

As far as I know, a lot of people recognize this factor but have differing opinions about how individual vehicles work. There have been specific reports on Wikis such as “Mr. Whoopee entering Rockford tunnel between 1600-1800” which are presented as factual. Do such specific conditions exist which could guarantee other cars?

Does driving X cause Y to spawn?

For instance, does driving a Rumpo raise the probability of a Pony spawning?
Also, does driving a gang car in another gang territory lower probability of more gang cars? This is almost specifically directed towards the ongoing difficulty in AM to get a Diablo car while driving the Yakuza Stinger around the Red Light District/Hepburn Heights

Specific Missions?

This is my personal superstition which is based off this highlight:

This COULD be coincidence but I have had similar and frequent occurrences during these missions:
Don’t Spank Ma Bitch Up
Triads and Tribulations
This potentially could be due to time of day seeing how my Portland pace is fairly consistent.

Lastly, do ALL of these factors work together?
Driving Ambulance + Chinatown + 23:00 = High Probability of Flatbed

I may just be grasping for more superstition but I want to test some of my thoughts.
Also, I am kind of hoping that someone can just shut me down with proof that the game does not favor any moment over the other so that I can rest easy and not try to dig for too much.
Feedback please.


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Thread: SA all missions regulating

Started by: warcrypticwarcryptic

The viewer shouldn't really have a role in determining what the community of runners speedrun.

I think this argument is a bit silly because you are saying, "I won't get Twitch views playing a category known as Misc."
Yet, if enough interest to optimize the category came from the runners - just doing runs - the interest would follow.
This ultimately shows that there is no REAL interest in actually running the category anyway- because if there was - you guys would be running it regardless of the recognition.

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Forum: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Thread: SA all missions regulating

Started by: warcrypticwarcryptic

Can someone please clarify for me how the extra click to show Misc categories completely stops people from wanting to run the category altogether?

I mean the category still exists right? If you want to run it, then run it.

But because its not a main category you won't get the viewers or recognition for WRs? Is that what I am missing? If that is the case I am not sure there is much ground to stand on to demand the mods to change anything.

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Forum: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Thread: SA all missions regulating

Started by: warcrypticwarcryptic

I agree with everything MH said except for the last sentence. I don't think the competitiveness or liveliness of a category should determine if it is Misc or not. If by definition it is Misc or Main that it should stay that way without pressure of being moved back and forth.

Of course as an AM enthusiast, I was sad to see GTA3 AM get moved to Misc even though I think it has the clearest rules and most definitive goal BUT I understand the need for consistency. So if AM being a Misc category deters people from running it, then I have to question how invested they were to begin with.

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Thread: Leaderboards moderation requests thread

Started by: GyooGyoo

Hello, I am requesting to be added as a moderator for Max Payne. I run the game pretty frequently and have a lot of knowledge about the game. The page itself only features one mod and is barren besides a segmented run. I would like to add more categories: Any% Fugitive, Any% Dead on Arrival, Any% New York Minute, etc. I would also like to have the option to run RTA as frame specific starts/stops of IGT are difficult to define.

Overall, I would like to define run rules and provide multiple categories for the first Max Payne game.
Any feedback helps, thanks.