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Thread: How to get the timer on screen?

Started by: miegakuremiegakure

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You're going to want to go here:
There's a tutorial video on the website as well, if needed, for getting started with LiveSplit.

Be sure to check out this page as well for the auto splitter and loadless timer for Vice City.

If you have further questions that you want answered, the quickest way to get answers is by joining the GTA discord since that is where most of the runners are most actively chatting.


Forum: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Thread: DISCUSSION: Renaming 'ACE'

Started by: S.S.

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Just going to reiterate my thoughts from the Discord discussion earlier here.

The category name needs to be as specific as possible. The reason for this is that the category aims to take away from the current Any% route. Names that include the phrases "arbitrary, major glitch, warp, etc" can all be debated because there are other strats which are currently accepted in no ACE that are used that could potentially fall into those same terms.

Since this is the case, the category name needs to be as descriptive as possible to pinpoint the exact trick or strat that is being removed from Any%. For this, I strongly encourage the term SSU to be used. Now, from my understanding, the only reason this name was not adopted was due to potential viewers or new runners being intimidated by technical jargon and its difficulty to explain.

Through this, I find both SSU and SCS to be the most accurate and appeasing names respectively. SSU is the most definitively correct but SCS is probably viable as well, so long as it does not include the term "warp."

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Thread: GTA3 Minor Optimizations thread

Started by: S.S.

Hey guys, here's an awesome landing for you to try during Marked Man. It seems a bit unconventional but out of a few hours of attempts using this strat, I only flipped my dodo once.

Coming into the airport, aim for this tree. It is just to the right of the billboards where the rampage is. Make sure you nosedive into the tree, trying to hit it nearly dead on.

As you make contact with the ground make sure to keep holding the nose down and use your handbrake.
The result: A shortened flight time and great parking on the marker.

Usually the worst case scenario for me is that the dodo is not aligned at the greatest angle and Ray spends a few extra seconds running to the terminal, or I correct the alignment myself costing a few seconds. However, you should have a much easier access down the road to start the return flight to Staunton.

I did this landing for the IL board thinking it was super risky but it is quite reliable.


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Thread: Any% speedrun in [4:01:13]

Started by: [Deleted user]

For the sake of evidence, just looking at places you would expect someone to splice a run it looks pretty suspect. Take a look at the end of Green Sabre to the point of starting Badlands. Specifically, the point of saving the game and loading directly into the Badlands mission cutscene. Is this normal?

1:11:06 - 1:11:30 in the Youtube video.

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Thread: IL leaderboards for every mission

Started by: blacklevblacklev

For any moderators reading, I am going to request that blacklev be made a moderator for GTA3 (thought he already was) to set up IL Leaderboards/Rules and assist with run verification.

I think the rules make perfect sense and I guess we will have to take it on good faith that quicksaves and loaders won't be used. While some missions easily show the use of quicksaves (SAM, Exchange), I am sure there are some that don't so it potentially could become an issue. Still, there is evidence that possibly affecting the original mission script is grounds to ban its use.

As for The Exchange, there is no Mission Passed text that appears (not even sure the jazzy tune plays) But the game doesn't issue credit for the mission until after Claude spawns outside the safehouse and after a brief moment regains control. To stop the timer there would be more ambiguous than where current Any% timing ends so I think an exception should be made as blacklev suggested.

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Thread: IL leaderboards for every mission

Started by: blacklevblacklev

I definitely want ILs to be added.
My only question is about "You can't start from a modded save (mission loader, quicksave)"
How will the mods be able to verify this rule is followed if run videos are cut to the proposed current timing method of starting when the mission intro cutscene is skipped?


Forum: Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

Thread: 100% Board

Started by: JOEdrinksBEERJOEdrinksBEER

Would it be possible to split the 100% leaderboard to differentiate between runs done on legit hardware vs. emulator?

Because use of IGT is unrealistic for 100% runs and now a run is done on both official hardware and emulator, I think the leader board should be split to allow the category more legitimacy. If I were to submit my emulated run there would always be an intended asterisk there as to the difference of times. Also, allowing both runs to share the same board discourages runners on legit hardware from continuing to run the category.

This allows RTA times to be more accurate and prevents emulated runs from being preferred while still being an option.

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Thread: Any% "no ACE" split clarifying and discussion

Started by: Mhmd_FVCMhmd_FVC

Might as well go ahead and weigh in with my opinion here since it seems like the appropriate place to do it.

There is a huge lack of consistency in which way the GTA boards in general lean when it comes to which categories are acceptable to annotate on the leader boards. Every time a thread gets made about how we should have No Duping/ No Replays / Allow Cheats categories, the majority of our community simply explains why we are unwilling to do this.

Typically its something along the lines of, "We aren't going to cater categories to people that want to use slower strats."
If not that, then it is something about how the existing main categories are goal-oriented and not strat oriented. All in all, if that is the community decision then so be it. It works.

Now when it comes to VC Any% No ACE, I understand WHY people want it to exist but it goes against the grain of what members and moderators have preached for a long time. Since I don't run VC Any%, my opinion is wholly irrelevant. However, in the interest of the GTA Leaderboards as a whole, I would ask the moderators to decide what they believe the primary function of these boards should be. As I see it, this could be either:

1.) A list of times for the most popular and primary categories that the community has deemed to be "official categories."


2.) A collective database of ALL speedruns for each respective game.

TLDR - If we are going to open the floodgates in the interest of what route is more fun, let's be ready to swim.

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Forum: GTA Marathon

Thread: GTA Marathon 2017

Started by: ryedawgryedawg

Depending on what date you decide I might submit for gta3 100%, but I really just want to do ULTIMATE SUPER QUIZ again.

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Forum: Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne

Thread: Double jump on Mona level

Started by: znstznst

Use whatever key is bound to 'switch to best weapon' which I think default is 'G' in order to get that second switch. Timing is easy to get with some practice.


Forum: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Thread: POLL: New category for post KYFC warp any%

Started by: JolziJolzi


Any% is Any% argument.

100% is the true GTA category anyway.

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Thread: New Rigged to Blow strat

Started by: JOEdrinksBEERJOEdrinksBEER

Most people that care about this already know about it but it should be posted here anyways.

Pretty much as long as you disarm the bomb in the car, starting R2B a second time causes the mission to pass. Saves the time and worry of going to Pay N Spray and parking the car, allowing you to start Bullion Run right off the bat. Great for 100%, would need a better way to do it for AM than the way I did it in the video.

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Forum: GTA Marathon

Thread: GTA Marathon 2016

Started by: JOEdrinksBEERJOEdrinksBEER

The list of submitted / accepted / rejected runs as of this point:

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Forum: GTA Marathon

Thread: GTAO or MTA?

Started by: OdyssicOdyssic

Doing both is a great idea.

I like including GTAO somewhere because it hasn't been done in the marathon before. Also, I have not played around with it too much but surely we can create or find some cool custom games and make a specific playlist?


Forum: GTA Marathon

Thread: GTA Marathon 2016

Started by: JOEdrinksBEERJOEdrinksBEER

Not officially a deadline but if you wait until February 8th or any time after that you MIGHT have a more difficult time getting your run submitted.

I will put more information out about deadlines / scheduling / runner's availability soon.


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Thread: Removing the current WR because too many unanswered questions have been asked.

Started by: FeurigeriliasFeurigerilias

Everything that needs to be said has already been said in this thread. I don't see anything good coming out of this.

The mods and veteran members of the community have been very clear in pinpointing what Feurigerilias needs to provide in order to be anywhere near persuasive.

Of course, Feurigerilias refuses to acknowledge this advice and continues to stream 10+ hours a day raving over the inadequacy of the mods, the community, and the GTAIV runners.

How can this issue ever be resolved?

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Forum: GTA Marathon

Thread: GTA Marathon 2016

Started by: JOEdrinksBEERJOEdrinksBEER

Edited Update 1 FEB 2016:

There is your form to get more acquainted with the marathon. Here you can find submission forms for runs and races. The quicker games are submitted the faster we can start building the schedule. The submission forms will most likely remain open until the second week of February, and your responses will remain editable until that time in case for changes in your submission (to include adding and removing submitted games.)

Again, use this forum as a means of discussing the marathon but I will always be reachable through my Twitch or Twitter profiles.

The list of games submitted thus far can be viewed here:

More information soon!

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Thread: GTA Marathon 2016

Started by: JOEdrinksBEERJOEdrinksBEER

As far as time frame, length, and other concerns I will generate a simple form to get a general poll of the community's thoughts. I will post a more "official" thread on the GTAM forum page as well where it will be accessible. Twitter will also be a good vehicle to start moving this around once posted.

I am 100% behind making this happen but it will not pan out if I must do it alone. If anyone wishes to contribute, with a specific role in mind, please send me a direct message over Twitter/Twitch/IRC or whatever.


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Thread: GTA Marathon 2016

Started by: JOEdrinksBEERJOEdrinksBEER

Good point Odyssic, I am not sure how long the GTA3 tournament is meant to last. I do think that keeping with the first week or two of April would be nice. The summer is already marathon heavy (ESA, SGDQ, NASA?) so I know a lot of people are going to want to shift focus for those already.

I will start probing at people's interest once the holidays are over, most likely after the New Year, for now I am just brainstorming. Of course, the most difficult part will be recruiting a solid team to commit to putting all of the pieces together especially because I am not particularly tech savvy or capable.