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Forum: Super Mario Sunshine

Thread: 1:13 soon?

Started by: GHS_SchwarzGHS_Schwarz

his pb also had a death in sirena 4, and a bad sirena 5 I think. Def possible, but imma try to steal it from him 😮

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Forum: Super Mario 64

Thread: GS

Started by: BusbyyBusbyy

you don't NEED one, but the codes you have are severely limited without a gs, I highly recommend getting one.


Forum: Super Mario 64 DS

Thread: 149 star

Started by: JJsrlJJsrl

Ok, so a while ago, I used an action replay to ulck all of the minigames. But that got rid of ALL the bunnies. Is there any way i can undo that?

Also, if you can't,
Is 149 star the same route as 150, just no bunnies?


Forum: Super Mario 64

Thread: Get Yourself Speedrunning 2016 - Super Mario 64 70 Star

Started by: KymanKyman

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YO! this is hype, I'm in, let's hope rust doesn't get to me!


Forum: Luigi's Mansion

Thread: 100%

Started by: JJsrlJJsrl

I'm about to learn 100% for this category and I'm excited! However, I have no route. Does anyone have a route for all of the areas where you get money and complete the rooms in this run? I really don't want to just look at a run, but I might have to...


Forum: Super Mario Sunshine

Thread: any% tournament

Started by: deathlinedeathline

I just love sms, so I would love this tournament if it actually happens


Forum: New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Thread: Any% Tournament!

Started by: AmpsenAmpsen

Is it just me or is it not letting me register for the tournament. It says the deadline is over


Forum: Luigi's Mansion

Thread: Any% No OoB Tournament Thread

Started by: Gc4ever4001Gc4ever4001

How do we "communicate" with them? Do I just ask them in the discord or what?


Forum: Super Mario Sunshine

Thread: Major skips

Started by: JJsrlJJsrl

Would honey skip be allowed in no major skips%? It doesn't say anything about it in the forums. I don't really know


Forum: Undertale

Thread: I'm new

Started by: JJsrlJJsrl

Hey everyone! I'm new to the Undertale communtity and I want to start speedrunning Undertale Neural%! Is there anything besides the route in the guide that can help me? Ex. Bomb skip, and all of the places to go?


Forum: Luigi's Mansion

Thread: Any% No OoB Tournament Sign Up (Ends Sunday, May 8)

Started by: Gc4ever4001Gc4ever4001

So for the tournament, let's say my match is at 1:00 and I'm not avalible for that time. Can I do it some other time?