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Forum: Inspector Ooh: The Great Monkey Detective

Thread: Detective Diploma

Started by: JBuzzyBeeJBuzzyBee

Anyone know if it's possible to bring it back?

I want my detective diploma dammit


Forum: Xeodrifter

Thread: Crab Skip Jump

Started by: LrningToFlyLrningToFly

Yes I've known about this for a while but it is not consistent. Getting it in a run messes up cycles later in the room so unless you're prepared for it to happen it ends up screwing you


Forum: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Thread: Skips

Started by: SuperSqankSuperSqank

This is sick, so glad we have actual skips now


Forum: Xeodrifter

Thread: Rocket Clip not possible on PS4

Started by: GrinzpilzGrinzpilz

I'm going to guess it's execution error on your part. I have not heard anything about an updated version of the game although the PS4 version was the latest to come out so it could be possible. I have no way of testing this for sure however.