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Thread: Timing a segmented run

Started by: ValkyrieHristValkyrieHrist

The segmented run was timed using standard SDA timing for segmented runs, in this case it ment that the timer started on the first frame of the briefing screen and ended when I pressed save game (over write save). If one where to time only the actuall game play when controlling Gabe it would be well under an hour. We had quite a lot of dissucion about it back in the day, but in the end that was the method I had to use, so to say. I think tit could be re-timed it so that it starts at the first frame of the briefing screen and stops at the first frame of the saving screen.

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Thread: Leaderboards moderation requests thread

Started by: GyooGyoo

Hello. I'm currently a mod for the Syphon Filter series and two of the submitted games in the series (Syphon Filter 1 and Omega strain). If possible, I would like to be added as a mod for Syphon Filter 3 ( too since the current mod hasn't been active in four months. Thanks.