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i mean just do what the wr does; we don't have a discord because the game is pretty simple and there arent many active runners.


1: Just use livesplit if you can
2: you don't actually need a timer for this game because of the score thing
3: idk if timer is a thing in premiere, I'd check youtube


It may have been removed from the game years ago, but I did this SUPER optimized and smooth run of it three years ago and it would just warm my heart if it were added to the level leaderboards. /s


we have decided to end timing when the pause button disappears after saving edgar

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Cytruss said that he is going to add mods "soon"/ when he needs them.

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i think i can change the ordering hold on


No categories are going to be added until the game is done/not being updated any more


i think the game is still being updated. a real 100% will be added when its done.


Is there any chance at we can get flash as a platform? "Web" is unspecific, as html games and other stuff exist. Also, all of the major browsers will stop supporting the flash plugin by 2021. Playing flash games in the "developer" flash player or something similar is extremely common now, and this doesn't use the web at all. PC is also wrong, as flash runs on raspberry pis, Macs, etc. I don't want to have to add 10 platforms to every flash game.

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1. Lots of replays break over time.
2. You could submit another person's replay
3. It's easier to verify and more convienent for people looking at the boards


theres no organization options for the level leaderboards, unfortunately.

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1. Are the missing levels found in the play! Button?
2. Give me a list of levels where the demo restricts the best character
3. Mobile isn't fully released yet
4. Any% is a category, but nobody has ran it


So guys, we did it.


Red Ball owo


Going out with a bang, eh? The runs in your video were truly impressive, and I will get to adding the times either today or tomorrow. Good luck on whatever you do next.

P.S. super mod means you have a red sword and can add other mods


I agree that your playing ability has nothing to do with "being a good moderator". You have to be involved with the community, and there has to be some kind of need. You can shoot fatel a message, as he is the only person who can add people, but it is entirely his decision; i am not a super mod.


ask fatel i guess


this happens way too often 🙁


Time to add subcategories WOO


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