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Did this conclusion because when I pick comparsion with game time, timer just not moving. Tried with Max Payne 2 and with Resident Evil 2 Remake. I suppose that this happens because I use non-steam versions of games. Am I right? So I never be able to do speedruns? T_T


1) Verification requirements vary by game. Most communities usually just require a video.
2) Livesplit program is controlled with button presses. View the controls by Right Click -> Settings. There are other plugins for auto splitting, but I have never used those.

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Thanks a lot!

1) You right, but I want LiveSplit working to track my strong and weak places at runs.
2) Agree with this too. I know about it, but problem, as I said, in timer's work. It just don't work when I choose next: Right Click -> Compare Against -> Game Time. Timer just show 0.00 with green color and that's all. I suppose thats the reason why autosplitter doesn't work too.