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Hey. I'm GamingPrix. I have started taking a look at how far speedrunning communities can go, specifically, the ROBLOX Speedrunning Community. I looked up if there were any speedruns of a round of The Schoolhouse, as it turns out, no. There isn't. It's probably because it's all luck/skill-based. But that isn't gonna stop me! So, you know what? I'm gonna be making my own ROBLOX Speedrun site! I'll make it when I actually have a speedrun of The Schoolhouse on a full server. Anyways, I hope to meet new people! Happy Speedrunning!
EDIT: As it turns out, I have a computer with a graphics card similar to a potato, so The Schoolhouse will not be speedrun by me, possibly other users. I'll just go for other games.
EDIT 2: I finally picked a game that might've just came out, called "Vibrant Venture." I started playing and thought to myself if there were any VV runs. As it turns out, no. I started speedrunning it (with no knowledge on the stages) and failed multiple times. But I kept going regardless. I didn't care about a few deaths, I just wanted to get on the Speedrun Website with VV in play. By the moment I reached World 1-4 (the final stage of the beta), the recording suddenly stopped. I'm not willing to go out as one of those cheaters that splice the videos to get top spot. So, I think I'll just wait for another time.

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Welcome aboard GamingPrix and good luck on your runs! ROBLOX has a fun community from what I gather.