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Welcome! Hopefully you'll find some games you enjoy and make some quick runs!


Hey, welcome 😃 I hope you have a lot of fun, hope you also watch loads of cool runs (^▽^)


Welcome 😮

Since 2006 huh ? That's pretty interesting, actually


That's awesome. Hopefully, the skills you've acquired will help you do some runs eventually. Keep in mind, you could always do smaller games like the ones I do. You don't always have to go for those huge titles like in sm64. Happy gaming cheers m8!


Speedrun.comへようこそ私はあなたのendevoursであなたの運を願って、あなたはそれがちょうどaske meを必要とするための適合を見つけることを願って:)


I think he saying good luck with your endeavors and that you find a game that is very fun? ^^ idk it is a bit weird no reason to use Google translate seen as Technical writes very good English if that was used? or are you learning if you want some tips I am always happy to help if I can? ^^