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I haven't done an introduction since I think 2012 on the SDA forums but here'll be a more proper one since I use this site exponentially more and love it so much. It'll be a little longer cause I'm not really "new."

Hello, I've been a speedrunner since early May of 2012, but I've been following speedrunning since August of 2011. I got into the community by being a troll in twitch chat (mostly Mofat, you don't understand how good it was to ruin his chat back in the day, oh man) and one fateful day I messed with Iqunlimited and somehow that led to Carlsagan getting me to the SRL irc. It's....not something I recommend doing but it's best decision I've ever made.

I run a variety of games, from short games like Mega Man X, to long RPG's like Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness. In addition, I time attack F-Zero GX, one of the hardest and fastest games to run, and I'd say I'm pretty darn good at it, Rank #8 in the world and got to beat a few of CGN's times, several of Iowa's times (nearly 10 year max speed #1 runner), and had held 5 different course WR's (4 at one single time, 2 currently).

Minor things about me:

- First capture card was a chinese broken audio easycap 2.0.

- I discovered the consistent way of bonus skips in Yoshi's Island 100% by spitting an enemy within 12 frames of the goal ring (timed by carl sagan). This method was pretty huge at the time since it made bonus game's no longer RNG for all but 2 courses, so effectively consistently saving 15 minutes or something ridiculous.

- I did the first ever Doppler Stage 2 boss explosion skip on console for Mega Man X3 100% ( a Japanese runner did this on Uosnes a year prior but didn't know till much later).

- I've once owned every WR for Yoshi's Island and Mega Man X3 simultaneously in 2013 (my only ever tied WR was still my X3 100% time with Nero).

- I found 2 useless glitches in Star Fox Adventures

- My goal for speedrunning is to run at least one game from every major game series and hit a top time in it, but it's not my end all goal.

As for what I do on this site, well I moderate the Star Fox series. I don't really verify a lot of runs, but I try to keep each game's moderation team solid and w/o issues. I put it on myself that, if a run goes past roughly 5 days, then I'll help verify said run. I also remove moderators due to inactivity of more than 2 months (I believe in checks and balance for small series moderation, but we, the star fox community, have yet to have any issues, drama, requests for mod removals, or anything ever brought up in the moderation thread except that one instance that was a site bug I think).

In addition to this, I mainly just wanted to say thanks to everyone reading this for being a speedrunner. I hope new runners read this because I started out speedrunning just like any of you, and shortly after starting I found a major element to making one of my favorite speedgames and best speedruns out there drastically less RNG heavy and more competitive.

New runners strengthen a community, introduce new ways of thinking, and generally make it more fun to continue being a speedrunner. Who knows, you yourself could be a leading factor into motivation someone to improve, find new ways of glitching a game, or just have a friendly competition to see how far each of you can go.

Long read but I've been wanting to write this for quite a while, just never really knew how to do it. Thanks for reading and here's to more years to speedrunning and community growth.

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Thanks for doing what you do! I've been following Star Fox Adventures from afar... I keep hoping that something is going to be that "big one" that will shave major time off the run.


Oh man I've been hoping for the same for 2 years, it's getting to the point where I wanna offer a huge bounty for some huge new sequence break but I can't afford it ;;

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How is it going world record holder of Mega Man X6 for the sony playstation Cyberdemon531 aka Johnald


why are you even laughing @bhill