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The name's Amy! I've been streaming for almost three years off and on, and in the past month have taken up a little bit of speedrunning as part of my repertoire on Twitch. I'm looking forward to new challenges as a gamer, and I already have two runs ready to submit to the site as soon as I figure it out. 😎


Are you a feminist?

Why would you do that? Oo

Anyway, welcome!


Welcome, Amy 😎

Is there anything in particular that you're confused about, or are you just getting used to the site?


I'm trying to come up with a way to ask what you're talking about, but all I can come up with are you talking about?


Nah, I just needed to peruse the site a little more to find what I needed, and now I'm pretty excited just to see if my runs make it in. 😎

And I'm pretty sure WeaponLord went to my Twitter and found my pinned tweet about being both a gamer and a feminist. Awesome job bringing that up completely unprovoked, WeaponLord.

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As long as you follow the rules of the game and category, then they should be accepted 👍️


Well, sometimes I'm just trying to know people better. And I'm not talking about Stalking personal affairs or anything, just the public virtual profiles stuff. Which is "public".
I'm a newbie here too. And why would you be upset? Are you? What's the big deal with being a feminist? As long as you're not violent, rude or anything. Maybe I was just asking leading questions.

And also, I said you're welcome. I was pretty polite. 😎