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The name's Amy! I've been streaming for almost three years off and on, and in the past month have taken up a little bit of speedrunning as part of my repertoire on Twitch. I'm looking forward to new challenges as a gamer, and I already have two runs ready to submit to the site as soon as I figure it out.
Are you a feminist?

Why would you do that? Oo

Anyway, welcome!
Welcome, Amy

Is there anything in particular that you're confused about, or are you just getting used to the site?


I'm trying to come up with a way to ask what you're talking about, but all I can come up with are you talking about?
Nah, I just needed to peruse the site a little more to find what I needed, and now I'm pretty excited just to see if my runs make it in.

And I'm pretty sure WeaponLord went to my Twitter and found my pinned tweet about being both a gamer and a feminist. Awesome job bringing that up completely unprovoked, WeaponLord.
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As long as you follow the rules of the game and category, then they should be accepted
Well, sometimes I'm just trying to know people better. And I'm not talking about Stalking personal affairs or anything, just the public virtual profiles stuff. Which is "public".
I'm a newbie here too. And why would you be upset? Are you? What's the big deal with being a feminist? As long as you're not violent, rude or anything. Maybe I was just asking leading questions.

And also, I said you're welcome. I was pretty polite.