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Hey guys! I've been active on the site for a few weeks, but this is my first delve into the forums so I figured I'd make a post. My name is Yûe and I enjoy speedrunning a wide range of games and genres. I currently hold the Any% WR for Pyre, Endless Legend, Supreme Commander 2, and several categories of Heroes of the Storm. I'm currently practicing a run of Dark Souls 1, and pathing a 3 player co-op run of Borderlands The Pre-Sequel. I have an active Youtube Channel where I upload Speedrun themed content for different games every other day. (Once I have a library of enough content I intend to upload daily) So if any of that sounds appealing I'd highly suggest checking out my channel! I'm sure I'll interact with many of you as I learn different games.

EDIT: If anyone is interested in running a very unbreakable RTS or a chill 4X game based on a lot of RNG Hit me up. I have lots of notes for Supcom2 and Endless Legend. (The Supcom2 Xbox run is actually insanely broken and fun but I have no way to record It so i've been stuck with the much better patched PC version.) Either way i'd love to see the communities for these games grow as they're a lot of fun. Thanks everyone!


Also, If anyone has suggestions for capture cards to use for recording an Xbox I'd mega appreciate them!


I hope someone suggests a good capture card to you 🙂 good luck with all your runs


Thank you! That's quite kind.


Welcome Yûe!


Hi and welcome! Good luck with your runs! ^^

I personally use the Elgato Game Capture card HD, and I do like this card alot! (the one with the S-video input)
But if you don't want a delay, this one isn't for you 🙂


good luck on dark souls it's rough 😛


Thanks everyone! I'm definitely going to have to invest time in Dark Souls.