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hello it is i the glorious copyleft, i might speedrun some things, mario is pretty fun to run, im going to be running super mario bros x and i am the one and only runner of super mario flash so theres that i suppose. my twitch is erjigbergu also shoutouts to darbian and werster, they are coolio duders.
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Welcome to the community, CopyLeft!! I wish you the best of run on your runs!!

I don't think I've seen any runs of Super Mario Bros X, or Super Mario Flash. I'm interested to see how a run of that goes.
its about as interesting as any mario game. super mario bros x is basically super mario all stars custom levels (most of the time) and super mario flash is basically super mario bros 1 for snes except with no momentum, a bit whackier levels, and aspects from other games like toad houses.
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Welcome to the community and good luck on your runs!