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Hello! I've been into speed running for a few years now but I've never submitted my runs or anything because a video is required to submit a run. I know for PC games I could use OBS to capture video, but all the games I run are on the N64.
How do people get videos of games played on oldschool systems?


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Look up a standard definition (SD) capture card. Can be had for really cheap. I use a Dazzle DVC100 but I'm sure there are better cap. cards out there now.


gv-usb2. Best SD cap card and only $40 USD. The driver install is in Japanese but it’s literally only 2 clicks and there are tons of online guides.

I’d also look into getting a powered splitter so you can play off your TV while you capture the video into OBS. Good luck and happy running.


Hello welcome! 🙂 It's called a capture card. I don't know much about them but people seem happy to help out like always. Good luck getting started!