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Hi, I'm razira1 and I've been really into speedrunning in the past.
I kinda enjoy games that require movement ( such as prince of persia,etc ), can you guys tell me good one


Refunct is a quick one that is entirely movement based, being a first-person 3d platformer. The run is ~3 minutes long so can be done even if you don't have as much time available to you.

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Movements ? Well, i guess boktai can kinda fit in that, you have to be quite precise depending on the category, atleast imo.
Racing games in general too, when you think about it: for a great time, you'd need optimal speed and precise lines to maintain such speed.

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Well, I mean, there's always actually prince of persia
Sands of Time Zipless has the best movement and tricks out of the speedruns

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