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Hey, I'm Schir. I picked up speedrunning recently after watching RWhiteGoose's Goldeneye Speedlore series. Well, that and incidentally finding a game with parts that I wanted to play hundreds of times to get better at. Right now I'm sticking mainly to speedrunning Super Cloudbuilt and West of Loathing. I tried some speedruns of Ittle Dew and Momodora 3 about four years back, and I think I'd like to get back into those at some point.

Before picking up speedrunning, I didn't really watch too many runs. I'm not that big into the GDQs and I mostly learned about speedruns through friends who were runners and the usual ambient noise about it in the broader gaming community. But I find I like the process of studying other runs and trying to figure out what makes it tick. So here I am.

I can't trust my reflexes to be as insane as some of the things I see people do in some of the runs I've seen for the games I play. I assume that's normal, as is using different routes at different levels of play. I prefer looking for more consistent routes and accepting that I'll be eating some pretty sizable time losses while I learn the game and new routes over trying to do whatever the number one guy's doing.

Outside of speedrunning, I'm an amateur game dev. Mostly RPG Maker and game level editor stuff -- nothing fancy or decent. I'm still figuring it out. I was in the LPing scene for a while, but was never much good at it. Not exactly the best at being 'a personality', as it were.

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Awesome. As long as your having fun the times for runs are just a bonus. Just post all your decent runs so you can see yourself getting better. I like game maker and rpg maker also. They are fun. Keep it up with the game development. You never know where it may lead.

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