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I'm not sure if this is the place I can post this but I kind of need help. Okay I need help lol. I'm speed running a game on my original Xbox. To record I can either record with my phone live stream be a capture card to my laptop or record be a capture card to my laptop. The problem with my phone is that it's my phone and the problem with live streaming with the capture card is that there's a delay and I can't really play a racing game with a second delay. My best option is to record my gameplay via capture card. The only problem with that is while I'm playing the game play will lag for some reason in certain spots and then Rush forward to where I'm actually at. As you can tell this is pretty hard fling playing a racing game. Is there any way anybody has any tips or something to help ?thank you


Use a splitter or Y-cables to plug one set into your TV, and the other into your capture card.

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Hello! Although I'm not very experienced in this field, I feel I should let you know recording with your phone is perfectly fine for submissions! Long as we are able to see your game play. So even if you can't get something of higher quality that'll do. Welcome and I hope you have fun!