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I am pretty new to speedrunning, but I've been playing the retro games since 1989. My flavor of choice is Super Metroid...if anyone can tell me if Bsnes is banned for that I would be thankful for the knowledge......I also got some SMB skills so I might be doing some of that too.
I just looked at Super Metroid, and in the rules, it does not appear that Bsnes is banned. Generally emulation bans are handled on a game by game basis, so the best thing to do is first check the rules in the game, and check the forums specific to the game and inquire with the mods there. This appears to be pretty common with SNES games: "ZSNES (all versions) and SNES9X (1.43 and below) are banned," so I'd imagine you are good. Some games look like they'd require you to screen capture the the part of you window that shows the name of the emulator you are using, so just be aware of that.

In any case, welcome and good luck!

EDIT: I guess I should probably note, that if for some reason the emulator is found to basically give some sort of advantage because it's emulation allows faster load times or something, don't be shocked if the run is rejected or something.
I think BSNES is banned for most SNES games but I'm not 100% certain (might be getting that confused with ZSNES). You can ask the game mods in the forums just to make sure but you're better off using a version of SNES9x higher than 1.43 as that's one of the more common emu choices.

Good luck with your runs.
Ok, thanks for the replies. The issue I have with snes9x is screen tearing.... Fixed with v-sync, but OBS captures it with a choppy rate. My best option is the Linux version but then I'm stuck with Llanfair for a timer
Ok, found my issue. The screen I was playing on has a weird native resolution (1920x1200). I moved the window to my other 1080p monitor and it seems to capture much better.
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