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Okay, I have been on the site for almost 8 months and I didn't get around to posting my own Introduction on the site. I wasn't going to do this but I think I need too.

I am Racingmonster... (Formerly Racingmonster99)
I got the name from Racing Quarter Midgets and people called me racingmonster and my car number was 99.
I am 18 and started running in 2006 in Call of Duty 3.

After the 2008 recession, I had to quit the sport and go dark. I got addicted to video games so much my call of duty got into my life.
I started to point finger guns at people in school and my dad and especially my mom, when they took away my games like PSP, PS2/PS3. I was getting so out of hand I was sent to a mental hospital for developing the addiction and my anger problem was getting worse. (There's more to this but that's not relevant)
When I got out of the Hospital, and returned home in 2009, my ps3 was still in the same spot. I recently got MW2 that same year and started to speedrun in Special Ops since there was videos online of them. Since that happened I developed a more competitive mind then I had before but this was for being the best I can be. I usually don't socialize unless someone is as mentally insane as me (like my friends at McDonalds) unless it's on the web. I can have a huge ego at work and got sent home about 12 times a year because of it, but that's okay because I know I can come home and relax and speedrun some games.

Over the last few months, I have been collecting more consoles and getting more interest. Making it known by flooding the site with Forum posts and runs which I have fix by not putting my runs on the present date and not posting on any forums unless it's important for a game or saying hello to a new runner. So far it has been no issues with site moderators which I am glad to hear. I am really excited to run more platforms. I am also Not going to make my addiction like the last one. I am 18 now. I am not going back to that same place. The reason for getting so addicted again was because of my break apart from friends I had years ago (they moved away, got into fights, drama..Blah blah blah) and really can't deal with that no more. I still have 1 great friend and that's all I need. I also got in trouble from a workplace for flipping on my bosses for intentionally pissing me off. I know I shouldn't be a shed in and face my Anger problem head on, but I don't have enough financially to do that since the Anger Management Groups and Therapist charges way to much and I recently was dropped my therapist because my insurance no long covered it. I am now left without medication and am having my mind slip all over again.

Now that you know that about me I have a few Goals for this year.

- Having more interactive with people on the site.
- Reaching 2,000 Subs on Youtube for speedrunning.
- Having a Marathon to raise money to match my $250 donation to Gaming for Sick Kids.
- I would Also love to attend a speedrun Event.

Thanks for Reading and learning more,

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Play some more On The Run Classic


Man, this actually sounds a lot like my friend. he too had some issues with too much gaming and had to stop for a few years. He's starting to get back into it now, and he's trying to not be so addicted to it.

All the luck on your runs, and on your goals. hope you have fun doing what you love 🙂