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I'm new here and plan to start speedrunning some childhood games (free wr's are best wr's), but I want to get some of the technicalities out of the way.

1. What applications are good for recording and/or streaming runs?

2. If you are playing a game that doesn't have any times yet, then how does it get posted on here?

(I would prefer if said applications are free since I don't have a lot of money)
1. XSplit/OBS for streaming and recording. WSplit/Livesplit for a timer (my personal favs are XSplit and WSplit for whatever it's worth).

2. If the game is on here, just post your time. If the game itself isn't even on here, then go here and request the game be added (you will be added as a moderator for the game as well).

Happy running and gl
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You're a boss, my friend! Thank you for the fast reply
I'm going to say thanks for that tip too, I hadn't heard of XSplit before now.
Xsplit/OBS is a toss-up for recording software and seems to come down to personal preference at the end of the day, but I would highly advise you not to use Wsplit as a timer and to opt for LiveSplit instead; it does the exact same thing as Wsplit, but is far more customisable, with more features and integration with SRL/SRcom, and is frequently maintained/updated.

On free WRs being the best WRs, it can certainly feel like it initially, but I urge you to also aim for 'competitive' WRs, as you will get a much greater sense of accomplishment by toppling an already-established and 'strong' WR.
I had problems with Livesplit crashing and had a couple cases on my old laptop where Livesplit ate my CPU the way Chrome eats RAM. Both of those led me to WSplit (especially since I used practically none of the customizable features Livesplit offers).

But yeah, Livesplit is definitely the better option in 99% of cases and it does offer amazing features and customize options. Plus like Drakodan said, it's still updated constantly whereas WSplit was last update in 2013 I think or something like that.
Hello and welcome into this community. Enjoy ..............
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