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hi, im dak. ive always loved watching speedruns and ive decided ill try my hand at going for official, REAL runs.

biggest problem is im not entirely sure what i want to run. im a big fan of character action games like DMC and more obscure titles like fable TLC. absolute favorite genre is still fighting games though, although i have no real interest in running those

my favorite games are night in the woods, shovel knight, and street fighter 2

any suggestions for games to try running? preferably one i can just buy on steam, im not really in the mood to emulate/buy a capture card (although i might be willing if i decide to run god hand)


Shovel Knight
Momodora: Reverie under the Moonlight


Hey welcome 🙂 I don't have any game suggestions for you but I hope you find something good ^^


Welcome 😛 And You could Try the shantae series cause those are some fun platformer adventure games 🙂


I love Shantae its a good game ^^

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Just have fun and make friends. Everyone will enjoy your content long as you enjoy making it!
Also, I'm sure you can guess but I'll let you know. The struggle will be real. Getting the best times isn't as easy as it looks to some people.
Also play games you enjoy. Maybe something you played long ago.

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If you're interested at all in playing MOBAs, Heroes of the Storm is a really fun game to run, and the community is pretty active, without being really large and overwhelming.