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Kreygasm D U C K F A C E Kreygasm


Hello everyone. FrankerZ Kappa


That's a sick shirt, Arsenalfan 👍️


Tnx Pac 😉..But not just that one,all Tommy Hilfiger shirts are awesome,unfortunately i have just this one ...(got it for bday from dad hah)

And also hey Sete,met you many times i chat hehe 🙂.


Nice tat M00n, and ofcourse nice duckface Arsenalfan 😃


This is the best selfie I could find


Not quite a selfie (although I did take one while I was in there, I just didn't save it), but here's me enjoying the NHS:


HAHAHA OH MY GOD that's an amazing photo Bollard, looks so photogenic, like it's professionally taken for an advertisement or something


I promise I wasn't posing 😛


Ok, I guess I have to show my face too before ESA
:mobile camera:


So were posting pictures of our real faces now?
btw this picture was taken while i was swimming


idanzel so cute ;-; now you really need to get a mic so we can hear you meow ;-;


7:02 GrayEsperanto: Pac! Can I post my selfie on the forums?
7:02 Pac: You're not just permitted; you're encouraged.

Defeating the purpose of selfies by taking them in the dark and while wearing a mask! And to think, all this started by Eid's chat grossly over-estimating how many damns I give and under-estimating just how much of a lunatic I can be. Or maybe I'm just an attention whore, YOU DECIDE!

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As soon as I saw your name I knew what it picture it was going to be OneHand